20 khaby lame quotes, biography,age and info.

20 Khaby lame quotes  Biography,age and info.His one of the most viral and fast growing content creator on tiktok and instagram, with an outsatnding 20.1 million followers and instargram followers and tiktok where he has 68 million plus followers. I wish i had such views on my site. Nut anyway khaby lame is been known for his funny video reactions mostly from tiktok, across youtube and also on instagram. Been inspired by what his doing, i thought of writing some quotes and i hope you may all love it.

– full name: khabane lame.

– Known for: content creating, social media.

– Fame: tiktok.

– Age: 21 years (2021).

– Origin: senegal..

So sitback, relax and feel free to sahre this type of content with your friends and family. And please watch khaby lame videos they are so funny and hilarious.

– Don’t comment on if you disagree!

– lets copy each other’s.

– Happy Sunday from doctor strange.

– I think you should turn that on.

– Bro, im still waiting.

– Why?

– Please don’t do that with pizza.

– Mine is better than yours.

– Don’t touch it bro.

– I just find myself happy with the simple thing.

– Who is the real avenger.

– Youre never felt that at all?

– Please tell me its a joke.

– Summer is coming.

– Woow so magic.

– The world want peace.

– Easy bro.

– All right, just let me brush my teeth.

– Have a good weekend guys.

– Bro i feel sorry for your forehead but it was very easy.

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