Matt Mullenweg – The creator of wordpress,Top 30 quotes. He is best known for developing the free and open source web sofware wordpress,managed by the wordpress foundation.

He been An american online social media entrepreneur and web developer, here are his top 30 quotes from Matthew charles Mullenweg.Enjoy.

1.“Much of the lifeblood of blogs is search engines – more than half the traffic for most blogs.” – Matt mullenweg.

2.“People might start withy live journal or Blogger,but if they get serious, they’ll graduate to wordpress.We try to cater to the more powerful users.” – Matt mullenweg. 3.“I was raised gatholic, and i can get incredibly guilty about mistakes.” – Matt mullenweg.

4.“You can’t build everything and there is no more a killer feature.Everyone has a different killer feature.” – Matt mullenweg.

5.“Before the widespread rise of the internet and easy publishinng tools, influence was largely in the hands of those who could reach the widest audience, the people with printing presses or access to a wide audience on television or radio, all one-way mediums that concentrated power in the hands of the few.” – Matt mullenweg.

6.“In every aspect of life,i consider myself incredibly fortunate.” – Matt mullenweg.

7.“If you were building a real-time game like one of Zynga’s games, the wordpress model wouldn’t work well for that.” – Matt mullenweg.

8.“In the morning, i have certain aspirations.One of my goals is to avoid looking at the computer or cchecking e-mail for at least an our after i wake up.I also try to avoid alarm clocks as much as much as possible, because it’s just nice to wake up without one.” – Matt mullenweg.

9.“If you’re going to quit your job to focus on an idea, you get overly attached to that idea because you had it, and it’s the reason you quit your job.Plus most ideas are bad.” – Matt mullenweg.

10.“If you have a fantastic idea you’re really passionate about and are making $100,000 in your job, if you cab set aside some of that to invest in servers or contractors or other folks,that’s actually the best way to start a business in my opinion.” – Matt mullenweg.

11.“I`m pretty rough on my laptops.I go through about two a year.” – Matt mullenweg.

12.“The center of gravity for an organization should be as close to what they make as possible.If you make cars, you need people in the factory.If you breed horses, be in the stable.If you make the internet, live on the internet, live on the internet, and use all the freedom and power it gives you.” – Matt mullenweg.

13.“It turns out that social networks drive a heck of a lot of traffic to blogs.” – Matt mullenweg.

14.“No matter what i do, i always come home to my blog.” – Matt mullenweg.

15.“The beauty of open-source is that you can pick up right where someone left off and start right there.” – Matt mullenweg.

16.“Everybody jokes about that old story about the world only needing five computers, but when you think about it,that’s where we’re heading.” – Matt mullenweg.

17.“Its good to be in a role when you can learn something new.” – Matt mullenweg.

18.“It seems like the web, particularly software as a service,provides ample opportunities for you to flourish economically,completely aligned with the broader open source community.” – Matt mullenweg.

19.“You really have to love every single bit of what you do.The moment that you do something that makes you feel queasy o your stomach,the company dies.” – Matt mullenweg. 20.“You shouldn’t restrict peoples’ freedom on what they can and cannot do with code.” – Matt mullenweg. 21.“Sometimes,you have to be frustrated and do something unscalable and a waste of your time to be inpired.” – Matt mullenweg. 22.“Sometimes you might feel blogs are like TV:You have a thousand channels,but nothing good is on.” – Matt mullenweg.

23.“I spend a lot of time on forums,and they drive me crazy.” – Matt mullenweg.

24.“There’s something very real about helping someone one-on-one.” – Matt mullenweg.

25.“Environment plays a huge role in my ability to creatively focus and my mood. For better and worse.” – Matt mullenweg.

26.“The power of the web is not in centralization; it’s not in closed systems or anything like tha.It’s in its open nature,and that’s what allowed it to flourish for the first 10 or 15 years.” – Matt mullenweg.

27.“The promise of the early web was that everyone could have a website but there was something missing.Maybe the technology wasn’t ready.” – Matt mullenweg.

28.“i think it’s good to have different locations for different modes you want to be in throughout the day, and to keep them separate.” – Matt mullenweg.

29.“Has anyone ever said,`i wish I could go to more meetings today’?” – Matt mullenweg.

30.“I don’t care what hours you work.I don’t care if you sleep late or if you pick a child up