Elsa majimbo, known by her fame by crunching potato crisps while leaning on a pillow,the 19 year old from kenya, nairobi has been going viral especially during this covid-19 pandemic.

below are top 10 quotes of Elsa majimbo.i hope you love it.

“I have a type, They are called the rich.”- Elsa majimbo.

“I don’t post sexy photos for you I post them for my crush.”

“Two people going live together….you are joining forces to waste my time.”

“when i say ‘i love you’… you will reply accordingly, it’s not my business if you don’t feel the same.”

” I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t choose this life of fame….The life of fame chose me.”

“An iphone is not a phone… It’s a lifestyle!.”

“If you know he is broke disappear!…. Scatter.”

“it’s not by mistake!…it’s not.”

“I am not simple we call it being financially challenged.”

“I have given you my Netflix password and you are using my account….you shall call me Honourable Elsa.You will call me her majesty our queen and you shall bow.”