Top 10 funny flaqo raz comedian quotes.His a song writer , a comedian a great kenyan youtuber entertainer known to make funny content on the social platform instagram and a video sharing platform youtube.

He has almost over 100k subscribers and still his thriving online to be making different kind of funny videos of different characters from be a funny and been baba and mama Otis is even making things more interesting.

By his real name Erasts Emmanuel otieno, has taken his real hardwork of content in kenya by storm. Through some of his short awesome hilarious videos, there are some 10 funny quote that we can share with you, and hope that ypu might like it. Feel free to share it with friends.

“ How is michael and gabriel female.” – Flaqo raz.- Baba otis

“ There were no angels in bethlehem.” – Flaqo raz. – Baba otis.

“ Wacha usherati, wacha usherati, nimesema wacha usherati. Let’s hop in my maserati.” – Flaqo raz – Mama otis.

“Nakuongelesha kwa upole.” – Flaqo raz. – Mama otis.

“ Kama daktari haski vizuri si aende kwa mgonjwa.” – Flaqo raz – Mama otis.

“ Kingereza nyingi kwani unakunywanga mafuta ya ndege.” – Flaqo raz – Mama otis.

“ Mama otis it is hard educating whose somebody mind is stuck in the past.” – Flaqo raz – Baba otis.

“ Hawa watoto wakijaribu kufikiria akili inajificha.” – Flaqo raz – Mama otis.

“ So who is in the box? “ Shawry.” – Flaqo raz.

“ My children how can you prove to me you are not plants.” – Flaqo raz. – Mama otis.