24 private secondary and high schools in machakos. Check out the list of private secondary schools in machakos to give you some ease in your search results.

So below are some of the most known private secondary schools in machakos while they maybe be note of these number of schools here are some of them and welcome to middemb I hope you enjoy more of our content.

  • St Stevens
  • Solomon school
  • Lukenya high.
  • The valley view
  • Lukenya girls
  • Teresa D. Lima G.
  • Mutungoni
  • House of hope
  • Bridigan Girls.
  • Brigida Morello.
  • Viraj academy.
  • Denana girls.
  • Divine word.
  • Mission of hope.
  • SKA education.
  • Airways highschool.
  • SFS secondary.
  • P.C.E.A
  • Star sheikh.
  • St Peter’s girls.
  • Mutalia st. Triza.
  • Giraffe education centre.

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