25 Funny Negative Bitcoin quotes.

There’s a lot of talks in the crypto currency market about Bitcoin and how it is recently doing well with its uptrends. It is come to a time whereby people are investing in crypto currencies since the bitcoin blow up led ne other more popups of other crypto currencies where a Regular person can put in there money.

Am not an expert of bitcoin and not a hater of it. But there are some of negative bitcoin quotes and sayings of people who feel it is not for them. some of them are funny and some are relatable to people who have there own experiences. This is not to personally show hate on Bitcoin but just to have a view on people who are not up for it. Below are some of negative Bitcoin quotes to check out.

  1. I only like bitcoin when it is pumped and hate it when its dumped.
  2. Dear bitcoin I hate you.
  3. I hate winning the lottery very slowly.
  4. I hate mango but let us see.
  5. I have accepted that I am a bitcoin maxi.
  6. I ‘d hate to be short to bitcoin right now.
  7. I hate when the media spreads bitcoin to the general population.
  8. I hate to brake the bitcoin pumping party.
  9. I hate to fail and it gives me the energy of double determination to try harder with Bitcoin.
  10. I hate rag pulls.
  11. I hate crypto people But i would let Vernom explain it to me.
  12. Literally the only thing I could tell myself back then is to invest in bitcoin. Now I feel like I hate myself.
  13. Am praying for all the people that I hate for their Instagram accounts to be hacked and get to promote.
  14. I hate it when the cash app gives me a notification that bitcoin went up 5%.
  15. I hate to to say this but Dumpiness, make me go in tears.
  16. You can hate it or you can learn.
  17. I hate rips and love dips.
  18. I hate to say it I told ya, but I told ya.
  19. I hate dishonest people who use fraudulent activities to try to sell things.
  20. I hate when bitcoin goes up.
  21. ” There’s more to life than money itself, there’s bitcoin.” I hate capitalism.
  22. God I hate the cheesy over used comments on bitcoin Volatility.
  23. I like bitcoin been in the media, but I wish it weren’t in the mouth of radical ideologues.
  24. I hate when I that notification in my cash app telling me that Bitcoin went up.
  25. So much hate bitcoin dominance.

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