25 NFTs incredible quotes that are hilarious.

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NFTs or also known as non-fungible tokens have been lately trending since the early year of 2020 and are booming at ridiculous prices and been sold for thousands of dollars and even some to millions of dollars. It has be come a new platform for very creative people to explore there love of their work.

some of them are made up by some Gifs and regular pictures online which is kind of confusing as some questions have been rising to try as much to understand how NFTs work. There some compliments about how people view on NFTs. Below are 25 NFTs incredible quotes or even what people are saying about it. Hope you enjoy it.

  • This is like buying a deed for land on the moon. It doesn’t have value in the real world.
  • Can you make an NFT of someone else’s artwork?.
  • NFTs the next level of when wealth and ignorance collide.
  • Looks like Doge ain’t the only meme out there that it is making guys money.
  • There is going to be a market for this in the future, that said, its a massive bobble and when it pops i’ll look for the diamonds in the rough.
  • Oh boy, privatizing memes you wont be able to post memes in 2030 because you don’t own the NFTs.
  • There is an NFT of me, the one and only NFT and that is me, and my wife owns it.
  • Problem with NFT’s is the risk of the NFT website going out of business.
  • What are NFTs to you, why do you buy or collect them?.
  • I find it very funny that such a high percent of NFTs are just appeals to the navel gazing myth of NFTs.
  • NFTs are the future. But it can be scary to get started.
  • These gas fees though we hear you yell into the metaverse.
  • I’m too tired to making nice clip but my arts are nice already.
  • Soon yo will be able to enjoy the best way to monetize your NFTs.
  • NFTs are they in the room with us?.
  • NFTs are still funny.
  • Are you saying NFTs are a scam!.
  • I own the gif without even owning any crypto currency.
  • Back when bitcoin was first introduced almost everyone said it was a worthless concept and that it was a huge bubble.
  • In short NFTs are Non-fungible tokens, where fungible means replaceable and tokens are generally assets.
  • Imagine how the Gifs feel when they are “illegally” traded.
  • I just went and download a gif on google for free. Looks the same to me.
  • People will pay for anything.
  • All the most popular nfts on Opensea are different Hitler avatars.
  • Christmas NFTs are coming.

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