27 ice spice lyrics that you can you use for captions

Hip-Hop has come so far to evolve this days thanks to the app that has mad very significant and rapid waves like TikTok that has given artists a platform for them to thrive and trend from their songs. As Hip-hop has been well known by its male dominance, female artists are taking the mainstream as well.

And one of them who happens to gain this kind of fame and success in the hip-hop industry as a female artist happens to be Ice spice. For the past recent years and months it has shown that Ice spice is becoming very spicy in the game and getting so much recognition for not only her music but also performance and appearances.

If you are a fan of ice spice, well this is just the thing for you. Her song has gotten so much trends and it will be cool to create more of her captions that can go well with your whatever socials you like to use.

Below are some of her goated captions that comes from her best song releases, therefore know that some of her captions can be very disturbing but whatever:

1. Bitches be quick, but I’m quicker
Bitches be thick, but I’m thicker
She could be rich, but I’m richer

From ” Think U the Sh*t (Fart).

2. She a baddie, she know she a ten

from “In ha mood”

3. No friends, I don’t f**k with the fakes
Sayin’ they love me but wantin’ my place

from “In Ha Mood”

4.Lamborghini roarin’ when I hop out the truck

from ” In ha mood”

5. How can I lose if I’m already chose? Like

from “Bikini bottom”

6. Stackin, my money where the ceilin be

From “Bikini bottom”

7. And I get a bitch tight every time that I post

from “Bikini bottom”

8. The party not lit, then I’d rather not go 

From “Bikini Bottom”

9. Baddie, he makin’ me thicker

from “Actin a smoochie”

10. Rob his heart, bitch, it’s a stick up

from “Actin A smoochie”

11. Pockets was small, they got bigger 

From “actin a smoochie”

12. he the bank am making him chase

from ” Actin A smoochie”

13. You thought i was feeling you?

from “munch”

14. B*tch am a baddie i get what i want

from “Munch”

15. Know they be mad that I be on the scene

from “Munch”

16.Sayin’ you love me but what do you mean

from “Munch”

17. You know my body, I do it with ease

from “Munch”

18. Gotta stick to the plan

from “munch”

19.She keep on starin’ ’cause shorty a fan

from “Munch”

20. Me and baddies be gettin’ along

from “Deli”

21. Three hundred and then I perform 

from “Deli”

22.You know I’ma get to the bag

from “Deli”

23 Too much to loose so i cannot react

from “Deli”

24. They be chattin’, I don’t give a damn and I’m still gettin’ money, I know who I am

from ” Princess diana”

25. And I just fell in love with a gangsta 

from “Princess diana”

26. Thinkin’ you bigger, they got ya head gassed

from “princess diana”

27. Lookin’ at me like who bigger than she? I’m the one who they wishin’ to be

from “princess diana”

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