50+creative shembeteng words. Raimbitis and more.

The word slung has been in existence for a very long time. And is termed to be words that may not be widely accepted or been strict to use in some places and also in academia, and found to be informal or somehow abusive. It is also restricted to a particular group or context and having not to be allowed to be used in writing.

In other parts of the world, they may have their own slang depending on the kind of environments and back ground you may come from. Since it has been looked as and abusive or restricted language, in most cases this form of language come from backgrounds and environment that may not be pleasant like the slums.

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50+creative Shembeteng words to see.

Even though it is termed to be abusive, it has come to a point it is been used as a new form of way for us to communicate with people. Especially among the youth, where it is has become a trendy issue and also sometimes help to enhance creativity. Whether loved or not loved I think slangs will come to stay for a long time. Especially to the youth.

sheng and it’s origin.

In Kenya, we have our own slang called sheng whereby it has been mostly been used in the streets of Nairobi as another form of communication. Even though their people who don’t take sheng seriously, they are aware that it exists. And it is easily understandable due to been consistent.

Sheng has been a popular slang in the urban areas of Kenya for sometime. The language was obviously born in Nairobi ( Kanairo ) especially in eastlands, places like Kayole where it has grown so fast overtime, making almost everybody to speak. It contains English, swahili and also some of vernacular or other local languages.


Nairobi been a good hub of sheng, a new variant of words have popped up to the point a new innovation has come to existence. A new thing called Shembeteng has been trending among youth where by is been used from it origin sheng, pronunciation is very different and also could be somehow difficult and not all people are familiar with it. like for example.

shembeteng example.

Shembeteng is not that hard the way people think . It is just adding some word to the origin sheng have it to finally form the new Shembeteng. Their are so many words that could be added in sheng in the mix making to become shembeteng. This could be name of places, people, politicians and many more which we are soon going to see it below.

Their are shembeteng words to check them out. shembeteng has been the new trend among the kenyan youths and teenagers from its origin of sheng which adopted most of the words from swahili. Shembeteng is new to some people and trying to adopt it can be very tricky.

To the old folks it is a challenge to adopt the new era of shembeteng. Sheng is quite easier due to been used for a long time. So the transformation from sheng to shembeteng is not but going to be that hard to understand for the old people. With time it can be understood. To see the best written examples of shembeteng, origins from english word to swahili this is it below.

English wordSwahiliShembeteng.
I appreciateNashukuruNashurutumbu
My colleaguesWenzanguWezambatangu
I love youNakumpendaNakulombotov
Shembeteng example.

Political figures names in shembeteng.

Their are many words that could be put in the form of shembeteng. It not that hard. It is just adding some more words into it and not having to change the meaning. Even in name that we almost hear in our daily tv sets and radios of very infleuntial people in our country.

In order to add more shembeteng examples here below are some interesting names of poilticians in shembeteng form.

Kalonzo musyokaKalobotozo musyombotoka
Musalia MudavadiMusambatalia Mudavabadi
Moses wetangulaMosembetes wetambatula
Raila odingaRaitambata Odingatamba
Uhuru Muigai kenyattaUhubuturu mugaitala kenyabatata
Politican shembeteng names

Shembeteng words of cities.

Also some of the most popular cities or places you go, some of it words can also be changed into shembeteng making it more interesting. Like nairobi which has been called

Uasin GishuUasingimbitisha.
Shwmbeteng cities.

As shembeteng could be with us and staying for a longtime, here are some of the words been used as shembeteng. If you have more in mind you can add it at our comment section at least kuchangia some words you have heard in the streets or any other place that sounds familiar to shembeteng.


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