30 Kenyan funny quotes.

There are funny things that happen daily and we tell our friends about it to share the laugh. Well quotes are words which gets us motivated and gives us some hope and strength to keep going no matter what. Some of them give us good advises to help us to even keep focus.

well here you are going to see some of the funny and meaningful sayings or quotes to check out, some of them are funny and also relatable. well it maybe all of them are not quotes cause some sound meme like. Anyway checkout some of the best funny quotes.

  • Kenya is a funny country… the only country you reach a petrol station and find a warning ” SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE” and at the same time you are advised ” LIPA NA MPESA”. am confused.
  • Welcome to kenya whereby ee mungu nguvu yetu in english is Ooh God of all creation.
  • When two guys are arguing, the one without a beard is wrong.
  • Kenyan moms will tell you,” weka hiyo Tv news.” then goes to the kitchen sijui wanaendaga kupikia wanahabari?
  • There is no thing as child abuse in your house.
  • PRIVACY? what is this alien term of which you speak of?.
  • When you wake up to loud music of gospel Music and you know your day will be spent cleaning.
  • There is no phrase that does not have a double meaning.
  • Yaani mimi nijipanguze mikono na trouser nikiosha vyombo ndio nireply text yako alafu useme we are just friends?. We are dating Nani?.
  • Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.
  • during this time, I’m thankful to be low maintenance. No nails to fix, no eye lashes to maintain, no care in the world about my roots. I knew being a hot mess would pay off some day.
  • But tall men have a really good heart. Patana na kibuyu ya elianto ujue roho mbaya ni nini.
  • ” Malenge is a swahili word for pumpkin but to our kamba friends it means reggae. Example is ; Mutiso anapende kuskiza hihop na malenge.
  • How kenyan girls introduce their ugly boyfrinds. ” usimuone hivi, alikuwa anasomea starehe boys.”
  • That lady you are crushing on looks beautiful because her boyfriend is not stingy like you.
  • Ata ukinipenda na roho yako yote na uongeze pia maini hakuna siku picha yako itatoboa kungia status iondoe memes.
  • Mnashangaa mbona hii generation imemea pembe hivi… walisoma longhorn.
  • Bumped into this crooss eyed lady today and she said you need to look where you going.. i said you need to go where you looking.
  • Ukiskia umeanza kuita mtu ” my everything.” jua tu sasa umeanza kuwa mjinga. You are now inviting depression to your life.
  • Usijiforce kwa mtu… just cry and move on, ata ambulance hulia ikiendanga.
  • Si uhuru aki arudi aseme kwani hamjui jokes.
  • when old folks try to brake up a fight they say “turnumloosenah.”
  • Kila family inakuanga na uncle mlevi… kama kwenu hakuna jua uyo uncle ni wewe.
  • Invite them to church ” inaisha saa ngapi?”, is the phrase. Invite them to a party, ” Inaanza saa ngapi?” is the phrase. Radi inakuja.
  • Ujue bado najiuiliza mpaka leo hivi ni nani alowaambia waafrika, Remote inapokua haifanyi kazi ipigwe kofi?.
  • Do you see your current relationship going far ama unakalia deposit?.
  • Nilifanya vitu vingi highschool lakini math kufikisha 33% nefa.
  • I never give up on people easily but whenever you see me ignoring you jua tu kuna kitu ulinifanyia.
  • I did not come into this world willingly. I was pushed. so sitaki stress.
  • Mapenzi ni kama stima inaweza potea any time so please tafuta generator.


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