32 how to say hello sayings and quotes.

to that person who is your friend or family, at times we would like to say hi to them may it be in public, on social media, sms or messages. Sayings hi or hello to somebody shows a sign of care to people to just check out how they are doing and if they are doing all right.

so try as much of your free time to say hello to someone you have not really heard there voice for a while. You might well be surprised to hear them. Below are some of say hello sayings and quotes that you can try to use to even text that one friend you feel to know how they are doing. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share it with friends and a family.

  • Just wanted to say hello.
  • wait stop scrolling i just wanted to say hello.
  • Just a little note to say hello and sending lots of love your way.
  • A simple hello could lead to a million things.
  • just wanted to say hello.
  • Just a note to say hello.
  • Hey just stopping by to say “hello”. hope all is well.
  • you-whoooo just flew in to say hi.
  • Hello how are you?.
  • Everything all right?.
  • Like to hear from you.
  • Love to see you soon, obviously I miss you.
  • Be the first to say ” hello”.
  • I wonder if I said “hello” how many would say it back?.
  • If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.
  • Well hello there.
  • I wonder if I said hello how many people would say it back ? lets try it.
  • Just wanted tp stop by and say hi.
  • Just checking in to say hello.
  • Some days, the bravest thing you can do is say hello.
  • The only time a goodbye is painful is when you know you’ll never say hello again.
  • Hello gorgeous.
  • Oh hi are you?.
  • Just wanted to stop by and say hello friend.
  • to change a life you don’t need to do anything and sometimes all you have to do is just say hello.
  • Keep calm and good bye may say hello June.
  • Charsima is not just saying hello. Its dropping what you’re doing to say hello.
  • popping in to say hello.
  • Just looking in…to say have a great weekend.
  • I might not text you first but that doesn’t mean I’m not dying to talk to you.
  • Its just me saying hi.
  • Just dropped by to say hi. Have a lovely day.

How to say hi in kenya.

There are different ways to say in Kenya not only by the use of Swahili but you can even use sheng which is very common to be used especially it been vibrant in the city of Nairobi. There are not that much but you can try to use them for your way to say hello. below are different ways to say hi in Kenya.

  • Jambo/hujambo.
  • shikamoo.
  • Habari.
  • Vipi.
  • Niaje
  • Habari yako.
  • Habari gani.
  • Rada.
  • Form.
  • sasa.
  • Uko aje.
  • Uhali gani.
  • Hamjambo.

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