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36+ Kenyan Christmas memes to check out here at middemb. As Christmas is approaching at this festive season we have some of the most unique memes sayings for you to check them out.

Some of them are hilarious that can improve your mood during the long day you might have in the office or even when you are so damn bored and Wondering what to do. So check out the memes below and tell us what you think about them in the comment s below.

Kenyan christmas memes.

  • I dont know who needs to hear this but nimesha nunuliwa nguo ya christmas.
  • Sawa ka wewe ni mkali, spell jina cosequences nikuamini.
  • Kwa waluhya ukiserve mboga befor ugaliutapata ugali imeisha.
  • You know it is christmas when people compete eating meat with tusker lite on the table.
  • Brace yourselves Christmas is coming.
  • Merry christmas.
  • Unajua economy ni mbaya ukiskia santa has to work two jobs.
  • Don’t bother me I’m listening to christmas music.
  • Kuna mtu hapa ameambiwa akona uso inakaa ngozi ya njwanga… aki mi siezi ambiwa hivyo.
  • Unaishi kwa bedsitter, unabuy mayai unaeka karibu na gas cooker pale kwa kona. Kidogo mayai zinahatch.
  • Merry christmas to the side chicks who thought they were meeting the family this christmas.
  • Hope umepiga pasi ile ngu yako ya christmas.
  • kama tuna date ukaniacha, ntapita kejani yenu na spika na ni play Voice note zako.
  • My neigbour ameniulizia chapati mimi nikamshow atoe letter c.
  • wanakuanga maentally stable unti uwa date.
  • Unamalisza church you hug your SDA babe, ukifika home una find text ikikufikia ati ” aki babe that was too much, we wemt too far.
  • natafuta watu wa saba who are in need of money urgently so we become 8 people.
  • Todays advice sing chritstmas songs at work until they send you home.
  • kuna muislamu ameibiwa simu apa tao akashout ” Jesus christ.”
  • kuna slay queen flani ushago sahi anchukua selfi na ng’ombe na filters.
  • If your pregnant this December, shauri yako.
  • My mum ni mtu anaeza ona umevaa suti unataka kutoka alafu anakuambia uwashe jiko kabla utoke.
  • With that panty umevaa sahii, tukienda swimming will you join.
  • Ushawahi oga na bae wako ama vitu zinine tuachie wazungu.
  • You don’t know what stress is if you”ve never seen your 4 girlfrinds laughing together.
  • Uko sawa na your current bae ama unashikilia ukitafuta.
  • Has santa ever been arrested for home invasion,
  • What i dont like about offic chritsmas paerties is looking for a job the next day.
  • single bells, single bells single all the way.
  • well niko lit so is the christmas tree.
  • Everybody getting engaged on chritsmas I’m like ” I love these cookies.”
  • merry christmas eve Hope you enjoy it.
  • I told him that I destroyed his gifts because I’m the only one he needs.
  • Santa clause has the right idea. Visit people once a year.
  • I cannot imagine tha one day my kids watoto wangu will block me from viewing their stories.
  • If you are readinf this may you have a very merry christmas.

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