4 Blackfriday Kilimall and jumia deals that you should snatch for 2021.


As usual Novembers are one of the best shopping months , and people as always have budgeted some of there needs and wants written in there note book or note app that have it in there smartphones. As many of you feel that they are already, hey wait please here me out because there some things, I do not want you to miss out. And they can save you a lot of money in your pocket to at least have some money to spend it somewhere else.

So well what are the suggestions?

1.Well I have some suggestions for you that I think you may like. For those who have nice beautiful homes with your family and you are tired of having drinking water just been there in the mitungi or jerican, there’s one suggestion for you which you can use a Bruhm water dispenser hot and normal water water dispenser. For your household and Kitchen need, having it at a very affordable price you can have it at your comfort of your home.

Bruhm water dispenser
  • It has High durability.
  • It is very easy.
  • It conserves power which means low power consumption.
  • Its ideal for a home environment.

2. Another suggestion is another home appliance which is mainly used in the kitchen. If umechoka na jiko and you would like to upgrade this could be the one for you. The bruhm cooker which was kshs 23,900 now its 18,900 could fit well in your kitchen to cook even faster and for a better cleaner environment. With this big of a discount , this could be the best advantage for you to have one at a cheaper price.

Bruhm cooker
  • It has auto ignition.
  • Has a metal top lid.
  • It has double glass oven door.
  • It has free stand.
  • It has 3 gas burners and plus one hot plate.
  • 50*55cm.

so if you want to prepare food in others ways apart from direct cooking then this is the cooking grill just for you.

Smartphone suggestions for black friday.

the next suggestions is not a home appliance but something way more interesting. Something that is so personal to you which you will mostly use in most of the time or through out the day. These are two smartphones which the offered deals are getting hot these black friday. There two of kenya’s favorite smartphone brands and these are

Infinix smart 5 2021Oppo A 15 2021
size 6.6″
Internal storage: 32GB
Ram 2 GB
Fingerprint sensor
Has battery: Li-ion 5000 mAh Battety.
Black friday deal is: kshs 10,555.
size 6.52″
Resolution 1600*720 HD+
Internal storage: 32GB
Black friday deal is: kshs 15,999

Final thoughts.

Having a good budget for the things for the things you want for black Friday is an awesome idea. But having some suggestions could also saves you much money which you can use for whatever you want. Have great black Friday month.

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