4 Vera sidika songs you should know about.

Vera Sidika has been on the eyes of many who follow her of been a celebrity, Social media personality and also a socialite. Since her rise of fame since the early 2012s till today, Vera Sidika has remained successful over the past years and having to sour on the good wave of the social media dominance.

As she has 2.4 million followers on Instagram having to call her self “queenofbosset”, shows how much effort that she has maintained her brand. In her journey of having to be one of the most well known celebrities, we are going to see some of the songs she has or she has been featured in.

Mostly in her songs we can’t really say she is a musician but she knows how to put the message across to her audience. Music to her as we see it is one of way she is trying to communicate something. As much we can’t take her much serous as an artist, at least their is a reason as to why she doing it anyway.

And below are four songs of the Queen of bosset herself she has sang and been in.

1. Nalia (2018)

“Nalia” happens to be a special song than all of her late releases of other songs. “Nalia” which means “am crying” is a song that happened after her breakup with one of the famous artist Otile brown which made her come out with a heart breaking song like this one.

Been that it was her first single, the song trended like crazy having to amass over 1 million views on Youtube i which today thos number have come close to 1.7 million which is really pretty impressive.

The message behind the song was simple. She was hurt of her previous relationship and she shows the kind of pain she has gone through by having to release her song “Nalia”.

On the other side Vera sidika been a business woman that she is, she did this to promote her brand. Which is another smart way to market. Which is not wrong if the method was for her own benefit to make bread that’s fine. Which we think many saw and believed what she did was very smart.

2. Mimi (2019)

Number two in our list is ‘Mimi’ which if you translate the word in simple English is ‘Me’. The meaning behind the song was very simple and looked clear the kind of message she is putting across. In 2019, Vera Sidika shocked her fans on having to reveal her true look of her skin.

And by this, she encouraged much on having to accept who you are as a real person and love yourself no matter what kind of skin color you have on your body. This was a very positive move from her of having to encourage people on loving themsleves for who they are.

It also shows the two sides of Vera sidika. Of how she poses herself for the interest of promoting her brand and business and her been herself as her real person. May be the two sides work hand in hand. But the message of loving yourself despite your skin color was a great move she did.

3. Popstar (2022)

“Popstar” was a song that brought so much criticism upon it’s release. “Popstar” kind gives you that kind of Card B vibes. In the music video you could see clearly how she flexes her luxury items and as well as she talks about money and all the stuff she has done.

Much of the song is just pure flexing which many I know when they saw the release of the song gave it a bad credit. As much she has shown her self of how she is a rich boss and CEO in the song, we feel it could have been better if more effort was focused on the lyrics and the delivery of the song.

Much people who this video didn’t much appreciate her big part of having to flex before her audience. Even though she is getting support from her core fans, this song came out to be a miss rather than a hit.

4. Utanizalia (2021) Brown Mauzo ft Vera sidika.


The song is heavily written and well done by the Husband Brown Mauzo. In the song we see that Vera does not sing but participates and supports in the filming of the song. The chemistry of the two in the video shows love making it a successful song.

And Brown Mauzo having to do his part of having to sing a love song dedicating to her shows how much he cares and loves Vera. The song majorly part tries to document their pregnancy journey and love for each other.

Seeing this music video, brought much hope of the two sticking together and realizing that the next step in their life is having to start serious parenting.

‘Utanizalia’ is well written song that someone can dedicate to their loved ones. If you feel you want to dedicate a good song, Utanizalia can be of use to you. And also give the Brown Mauzo some of that boost of him been a serious musical artist.

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