40 Kenyan love songs, valentines list of 2024

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” This quote shows the essence of Valentine’s Day, encouraging us to look beyond the external expressions of love.

As February approaches, hearts around the world begin to beat in unison, coming together with the promise of love and affection. Valentine’s Day, a celebration of romance and connection, captivates our collective imagination, inviting us to cherish the bonds that enrich our lives.

Whether you’re caught in the sweet embrace of a longstanding relationship or reveling in the excitement of a newfound connection, Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to express and celebrate love in all its forms.

Some of the playlist below are Mixed with old rhumba hits as well as kenyan hits, together with some of bongo golden hits. Here below are some of :

10 kenya best valentines songs lists

Having great artists like Karun, Kinoti, Mutoriah and many more shows that they have a very great and compelling rnb sounds in the country to ever hear. And below are a few of the best valentine list for you to listen.

  1. karun – Only you
  2. Kinoti – Nitangoja
  3. lisa oduor – for keeps
  4. Mutoriah – Love song
  5. xeniah manasseh – Temporary love
  6. bensoul – Favourite song
  7. Nikita kering – Never let you go
  8. Ethan muziki – kesho kutwa.
  9. maya omolo – where ya been?
  10. kaskazini – If i had your number
Modern day kenya valentines list

10 Old is Gold list for valentines day.

They say old is gold, and such songs can stand with time, or it gives us goosebumps also memories on when and how the feeling of been loved really feels like. They say love is a force, and together with a good playlist can really rock your mood.

  1. Fadhili williams – Malaika
  2. Daudi kabaka – Msicha wa elimu
  3. Freshley mwamburi – stella wangu
  4. Maroon commandos – christina
  5. Uncle konias – merimela kipenzi
  6. Them mushrooms – Embe dodo
  7. Kanda bongo man – my love elisabeth
  8. Madilu sytem – ya jean
  9. tshala muana- karibou yangu
  10. M’pongo love – Ndaya
Old is gold valentines list

10 0ld Kenyan kenyan Valentines play

In the not soo old days of where main stream media and television was the main theme, song like this made so many waves on the radio and captivated much of the listeners ears. Back when sauti sol was a band in the making, Kidum been played all over the place and sanaipeit tande was on top of music charts.

  1. Sauti sol – Lazizi
  2. Sanaipei tande – Mfalme wa mapenzi
  3. nameless – Sinzia
  4. Kidum – Mapenzi
  5. Eric wanaina – Ritwa riaku
  6. Gilad – unajua
  7. Nyashinski – Malaika
  8. Elani – Milele
  9. H_Art the band – Nikikutazama
  10. Atemi and Chris adwar – Someday
old kenyan valentines day

10 Old Bongo love playlists for valentines

How can we forget bongo flava. Some of this bongo hits gave us a memory lane of how life was back then. Some of the stars below this list have remained live in the industry making songs that entertains the masses such like diamond platnumz.

  1. Matonya ft lady jaydee – Anita
  2. Alikiba – Mapenzi yana run dunia
  3. Diamond platnumz – Mbagala
  4. Marlaw – Rita
  5. Tid – Nyota yako
  6. Z. Anto – Binti kiziwi
  7. Aden yussuf – Na wewe tu
  8. Hafsa ft Banana zorro – pressure
  9. Ray c – Uko wapi
  10. Mb Dogg natamani
Old Bongo hits

Some of the above list are just a few to mention and give you the ideas of some of the hits that we used to listen to back then when life seemed to be simpler. But even though it is 2024 we have to agree that old hits slap more than the current hits we listen today.

Having that said above, hope you enjoy the playlist. Happy valentines day.

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