40 quotes on darkness that you did not know.


40 Quotes on darkness that you did not know. Light or darkness. Couldn’t be that we all love been in the light but people have some kind of their true colours in the dark. I don’t like been much in the dark because it’s scary. Imagine walking alone in the dark all alone , lets say in a some kind of a street on your way back home.

Theres alot of things that will wring in your head when you experince such a thing. Well there is alot of definitions of darkness , and you might believe in alot of ways. Today we have some of the darkest quotes that some involve the light, angels and demons somethin like that. Theres alot to know in the dark world than in the loight and therefore theres much we can consider and even understand suck kind of thinking or events. So enjoy 40 quotes on darkness that you did not know.

1. “ When darkness branches to your soul, light still finds a way to rise.”

2. “ I have found so much beauty in the dark as i have found a lot of horrors in light.”

3. “ You think i’ll be the dark sky so you can be the star?.”

4. “ The beauty of light owes its existence to the dark.” – Brene Brown.

5. “ I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, In secret, between the shadow and the soul.” – Pablo Neruda.

6. “ I am not looking to escape my darkness, i am learning to love myself there.” – Rune Lazuli.

7. “ She was an angel craving chaos. He was a demon seeking peace.”

8. “ words have no power to imress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” – Edgar Allan Poe.

9. “ Who are you when no one’s watching?.”

10. “ I’m terrified of passive aquiescence. I live in intensity.” – Virginia woolf.

11. “ You know what it takes to make a star shine? A shitload of darkness.”

12. “When you can’t look on the the bright side, i will sit with you in the dark.”

13. “You were the moon. All this time. And he was always there for you to make you shine.”

14. “I don’t live in darkness, darkness lives in me.”

15. “ The dark does not destroy the light: it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.” – Brene Brown.

16. “ Normal is an illusion what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

17. “ It’s so strange that autumn is so beautiful; yet everything is dying.”

18. “ One day i’m just gonna say it all. And let my demons out to play.”

19. “ That feeling when you’re not necessarily sad, but you just feel really empty.”

20. “ Some days, I feel everything at once, Other days, i feel nothing at all. I don’t know what’s worse: Drowning beneath the waves or dying from the thirst.”

21. “ Wait until you’re down with no strength to rise… you’ll see who offers a hand. Not everyone wants to see you get up. – Alfa.

22. “ Here in the darkness i know myself.”

23. “ Never have i dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul.”

24. “ All the hardest, coldest people you meet, were once as soft as water. And that’s the tragedy of living.”

25. “ Why do you like thunderstorms?” “ Because it shows that even nature needs to screm sometimes.” – E.D.

26. “The definition of darkness is the absence of light. You can not see darkness. Darkness can not exist with light. Darkness can not be explained. Darkness only comes when everything else has one. Darkness is nothing… then darkness is everything.”

27. “ If i got rid of my demons. I’d lose my angels.” – Tennessee williams.

28. “ I like the darkness. There’s something to the feeling of not knowing your surroundings, not seeing the color of things as they appear, but as they truly are. There’s something about the unknown, the quiet, the cold. There’s something unspoken about the dark, something i can never quite put words to. Something terrifying yet beautiful.”

29. “ That cold ain’t the weather. That’s death approaching.”

30. “ She has little innocent demons inside her eyes, and they recklessly play with matches.”

31. “ I just want a day where it feels like i’m not falling apart anymore.”

32. “ We drink thye poison our minds pour for us and wonderwhy we feel so sick.” – Atticus.

33. “ Be careful with your words. They can only be forgiven, Not forgotten.”

34. “ Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on yhe path to the best things that will ever happen to us.”

35. “ So what if i want to learn latin, run away to live in castle with a massive and ancient library, drink wine for breakfast, and worship the moon. I’m going to do whatever i need to in order to cope with being born in the 21st century.

36. “ We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” – Oscar wile.

37. “ In every angel a demon hides. And in every demon an angel strides.”

38. “ Do not waste your time looking for an obstacle – maybe there is none.” – Franz Kafka.

39. “ Make it dark, Make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.” – Joss Whedon.

40. “ But he, he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.” – Anne Brone.

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