Start of a journey 2021

the start of a journey

Now I know what you’re thinking, some newbie discovered the art of blogging, and is probably in over his head, with the Cliché title, like the one I’ve just used, and to be honest, you may not be wrong, but I’m guessing you didn’t come here for some smart mouth who probably needs Grammarly to correct his spelling mistakes, you’re here because like so many other people in the world,
you’re at the start of a journey, now id urge MCU fans not to get too excited, and get with the whole iron man heart-stopper, and pull the”every journey has an end” on me, hell we all crapped our pants during the movie, acleast I know I did.

Picture this, you’re on a long winding road, there are no signs or landmarks, no shops or houses along the way, just one long path with no clear end. I’m sorry to break it to you if you didn’t already realize but this is how our lives are, we follow one endless path, we start our journey at birth, we grow a little older and see the world through a crystal glass with our imagination brimming wild, time passes and we enter our dog days, here the whole world seems like it’s black and white, practically nothing seems to understand us. Eventually, we grow up, a few scars along the way, and find the perfect match, some of us acleast. Then we raise our families, till eventually, we die.

Most of us are used to this pattern, I mean what in the world could be wrong with it right? But let me ask you one question to verify that truth, imagine this God reveals to you that you have till next week Monday at exactly 9 p.m then you lose your life, would you gladly hang your coat and say, I’ve lived a full life, I’m completely ready. what holds us back? why would you feel deep sadness other than fulfillment? the answer is simple, your heart is constantly craving for more, it longs for some deeper meaning to life, we secretly hold on to our childish past, when everything made sense, well here’s a truth you don’t know, to truly know happiness, you need to climb onto a time machine and go 10 years back, to when your hopes and ambitions were as bright as the sun.

Now I know you might be wondering, how is this a paultoheart blog, and how does it fit in, here’s the thing it shouldn’t, because the heart is a complex reconstruction of arteries and veins. so, of course, it doesn’t fit in, this isn’t a Biology lesson, but ill tell you what it is, whether you be a married couple, someone suffering from self-esteem issues, a young couple overflowing with love, or just downright bored, stick around I’m sure they’ll be something for you, I believe that you cant speak to the heart using ordinary words that’s why, id love to teach you its rightful language.

As I wait in endless thought?
To face, the mere ending pain you wrought
Running in circles we play this game
striving our wits, we outdo each others claim

What boundless joy have we to bear?
For his life, there isn’t much to share
What leaves a man with reason to smile
That even in darkest days, his will survive

For what other pleasure have w to find
What greater longing, than love to find
To love and be loved, no surprise
Isn’t that all that’s worthwhile

To share a kiss and lose sight
Of all that lingers on one’s mind
In your arms, my sorrows shall flee
There my joys forever be.Posted Yesterday by PaulToHeart.com

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