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Hi, I know it’s been a while since I last posted my blog, and bouncing back with a blog titled “Goodbye” won’t really be doing well for my viewers or myself but it was inevitably going to happen,

as I said in my first blog every beginning has an ending, but don’t get me all wrong guys,I ain’t ending my writing days anytime soon.
So what does it mean to say goodbye? no one ever really likes to talk about it, and most of all everyone hates having to be the receiver of it, how many times do we say goodbye and walk awaywith a smile on your face what is incorporated with that word that just seems to drag sadness and lossdeep in our souls?

Take this illustration, a father to 2 daughters and 1 son was in the army, the country he was in, experienced many years of peace and prosperity, till inevitably a war broke out between their country and the neighboring country and so the father was called for.

He was given a week to prepare, the father rarely bonded with his family and during that week he tried everything he could to connect with them, but time seemed to be on fast forward, eventually, the time came and he bid them farewell.That was the hardest goodbye he ever had to say, and this time the gun seemed heavier than before.

He seemed to be fighting more than one enemy, he was at war with himself, except the war inside couldn’t be won. Regret and sadness filled his heart, he was so spaced to he did not happen to see the hole that had punctured his chest.
So what’s the point in telling you this? if you are keen you will notice a similar anomaly within us.Goodbyes are only painful when they aren’t meant when they are said. Think about it, how often do we let our emotions get the better of us? and say the word, only to regret it later?Yes, you are right to think that goodbyes are necessary for some situations, hell I’m not talking about right or wrong, I’m talking about why it feels so damn painful when you say it

The point.

The point is, never saygoodbye if you still want to try, never say you don’t miss a person if you can’t let go.

 So what happens, when that “Goodbye” is necessary, what happens when it’s absolutely unavoidable?do you still hold on? 

the answer is no, but here’s what you do, take time for yourself to let go and when you’re finally ready to look them in the eye, say goodbye, and turn around, don’t turn for the last glance, this doesn’t show that you never loved them rather it says you loved them so much you’d never forget them but you had to let go, holding back to the past will only slow you down, then again for some of us, its easier to go slow and never forget someone I included.

In the end, there’s only really on way to end this;                                             
I often pondered on what to saywhen the time would come, to stay awayas morning comes, our fears displayedthat spring had come, hat wretched may

Watching and waiting, we stood byhoping and painting, the time that passed byportraits of memory, where birds flew highframed with love, where none could die

How does one even say goodbye?do they close their eyes to reminisce a whilebut listen, dear, mean I not to pryfor man cannot open his heart, and refrain to cry

For man is slave to his own heartonce he misses, never can he parthere me now, as we share this apple pienever again, will we have to say goodbye.

                                                                                                             by; Fred slick

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