5 Atan songs to listen to.

“Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.” this words were well said by H. Jackson Brown Jr and today we are going to see that from one of the underground artists you should know about.

Who is Atan?

Athanas Andrea Mathias, also known as Atan, is a talented musician, songwriter, and composer coming from one of the most popular countryin East Africa, Tanzania. He was born in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on April 4, 1996. He is the owner of the BEACH BOI MUSIC label and is best known for his 2018 single ” Nang’ang’ania “.

Where can I listen to Atan?

Well you can listen to Atani on YouTube but he mainly releases his song in the Boomplay platform and Audiomack where he gets most of his fans.

Boomplay: Atan

Well even though we may not know much about the artist, his talent is what will show if he has enough to prove it to brake in this tough industry of the Bongo Flava scene.

1. Atan X Otile brown – Confession.

“confessions” has to be a beautiful song that you can listen and vibe to. been that it is a love song it show how a person who really like someone and they really want that person to, confession is the way to go for many of the people who end up to love someone.

The song was originally released under Otile Brown YouTube channel been released on July 14 th 2023 which exposed him to Otile’s audience. Been that his voice is well projected in this song will well put it to be number one on this list.

2. Atan ft Belle – Leta Chenji

“leta Chenji” is a good spot on song that encourages people to to have fun and also if do to remember when you pay also remember to ask for change. especially in a time when financial situations can at times be tricky.

A song tha need more attention you can go ahead and listen to it on boomplay.

3. Atani ft Stamina – Uongo ndio mapenzi.

“Uongo ndio Mapenzi” if translated well in English terms is “Love is a lie”. In the song you can hear very well on the challenges of having been into a relationship as a man. He even declares that when it comes to the matters of love he knows.

The song was well produced by Emma the boy, also has some nice adlibs and a voice a lady in the song making the song more likeable to please your ears. Having Stamina in the song he came up with some of the best bars to the point mentioning “Okwonko” in his verse who happen to be one of the Major artist in kenya.

4. Atan – Na wewe.

Having to break up with someone you loved is one of the most painful feeling that any man or woman can endure as a person. And in such moment it leaves us with memories that we can’t erase it in our minds.

“Na wewe” is a evident show of how things can come to an end. Atan in this song expresses very well why it had to come an end. Especiallly when someone can drain you emotionally.

A good song to listen to in this kind of moments, Is “Na wewe”.

5. Atan – Nangangania

“Nang’ang’ania” is a single that behind of its message is having to continue pressing on. The song is generally a love song but with a mix of motivation of having to keep on chasing the dream that you want as a person.

“Nang’ang’ania” is a swahili word for “earned” which is a good vibe song to listen to at your on free time. Give it a try and the song will generally grow in you.

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