5 best Omah lay songs to listen to in repeat


Omah lay is undeniably one of the best Naija artist out there. And him making hits not only in Africa but also all over the world makes him a start of his own Artistry. Omah lay been omah lay, his osngd will take you on journey. especially the moody ones makes us feel a bit better whenever we are down.

Best Omah lay songs to listen to.

  • 1. I’m a mess.
  • 2. Bad Influence.
  • 3. Godly.
  • 4. Understand.
  • 5. Soso.

Music can be therapeutic. And omah lay can deliver that. Songs like understand and I’m a mess are a symbol of it. Theirs so many songs I know are been written and delivered by Omah lay, but I will high light some of the five best Omah lay songs that you should listen to in repeat.

1. ” I’m a mess – Omah lay.

Oh – Ohh yes I did It.

How many millions I make for a livin?.

Where Louis Vuittion post for a picking.

Let the camera light hitting teeth, You know.

I’m a mess.

If you tend to suddenly have a bad day I’m a mess will probably make you shade tears when you are low. The songs itself is more relatable to people than the ones we have heard like SoSo. It is obviously clear and it hits way more harder than the rest. to me It becomes my top number one. If you do not agree then that’s okay.

2. ” Bad influence.” – Omah lay.

Now i’m lost In this sambisa.

Everything I do am.

Everything wey talk i do am,

Everything wey you ask I do am.

I’m a mess.

Another song that hits different is bad influence By omah lay. This comes to second than I’m a mess. My opinion. And this is a type of songs that i would love it to be played for decades, In radio stations or maybe in my phone. Maybe things would have evolved but as long this song exists am good.

3. “Godly.” – Omah lay.

Man I thank God I Godly.

Say God no ungodly.

Oluwa na him comfort me.

When this people dey come body me.

Men, I thank God I Godly.


Whenever it is Sunday, this is the kind of song I would love to vybe and listen to. If you feel blessed and all things are going well, this is it. Thanking God for whatever he has done for you, is a very nice humbling thing to do. And this is very relatable so much in our lives. So since Godly was released, its a song i listen to consistently when the week ends. Godly should be at least in Your Omah lays playlist.

4. ” Understand.” – Omah lay.

I though we in this together.

Give you my necklace pendant.

Give you my last card you spend em.


This is song is a song i would love it to be played on repeat again and again. “understand.” – by Omah lay, whenever i listen to it it get me thinking about a girl wondering what really happened when things were good before till it comes out to not work out in the end. If you listen to this song in heartbreak moments it will hit you different. Well done and written.

5. ” Soso.” – Omah lay.

All of the things then talk, no dey hear, hear.

Try wettin I do if you no dey fear, fear.

One mind dey tell me to dissappear, pear.

soso come and out help me oh cause I don pray.


Omah lay poured his heart and pain into soso. Funny enuogh people turned it to a dance challenge. Should it not be a song that should help you when you are down?. Anyway people are different, and people have their own opinion on ” soso” which to me I felt it was spiritual. It has a nice beat and a catchy chorus. Which makes me love to listen to soso.

In conclusion.

there are more awesome songs made by Omah lay. And i believe that he is a great artist. This is just my opinions maybe for you it could be the other way round and feel free to comment it below. Of which song do you believe was your favorite Omah lay song?. If you like this content feel free to share with friends and family.

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