5+Doge coin quotes and what people are saying about it.

Doge coin has been trending lately and it it has been having its own motto on some social platforms to the moon.

While all this is happening we have some incredible quotes and sayings on dogecoin. What do people online day about dogecoin , is it awesome or it’s just a crypto trend.

1.” Instead of gold let’s invent our own currency😂.”

2.” You know what to do.”

3.” What is dogecoin ? To the moooonnn …… Trade carefully, watch out dips.”

4.” Doge coin is the currency of the future to the moon and beyond.”

5.” The comeback is always bigger.”

6.” The only toxic relationship I’ll stay in.”

7.” I fear we ain’t going to the moon tonight besties.”

8. ” The doge father is talking about dogecoin.”

9.” Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Dogefather.”

10.” Wall street really does not want the people to win but hey we’re buying and holding, will win.”

Please remember that am not a financial advisor, if you feel that you want to get involved in dogecoin do it at your own risk.

I hope you liked the post have a wonderful day.

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