50 Funny Ai quotes

The kind on influence that Ai has today is amazing. The kind of attention and trend we see of one of the most and best products to ever happen as an example is Chat GPT which has spurred the race for new tech companies as well as big tech giants to shift their race on investing heavily on Artificial intelligence.

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When it comes to quotes, we should think of the funny side of Artificial intelligence and what people views of how they perceive the funny side of Artificial intelligence. Below are some of that funny quotes on what people think on what Ai is. Hope you will like i

There are funny ideas you can come up with Ai. It could be in video form, picture or even script. You just have to discover.

1.Trolling in Ai character is so funny.

2. I need a character Ai back this is not funny.

3. Deepfakes and Ai are coming in hot. looks weird and funny?.

4. The funny part is soon will see Ai generated videos in internet which some would not differentiate between real and fake.

5.I saw an Ai version of Haaland playing football with a real human being. It looked kind of funny.

6. I get a bit more funny with my Ai art.

7. The funny part is they are going live with Ai NPC to try and get the bag.

8. This Ai covers are turning to be funny.

9. People are working like an Ai NPC to make money and it’s turning out to be funny.

10. Character from Ai turn out to be unnecessary funny.

11. Just don’t try anything funny with Ai. It might shock you.

12. If you search deeply and carefully, Chat GPT can be very funny.

13. Ai is funny.

14. Messing around with zoha AI is too funny.

15. This Ai thing is turning out to be funny.

16. Ai art can be so funny dude.

17.The way people are using A.I voice is very funny.

18. Chat Ai is funny.

19. Flirting with Ai is so funny to me and I don’t know why.

20. Ai has become so funny to the point am also invested.

21. People not being able to get healthcare and fearing being replaced by AI is just SOOOO funny! What a knee slapper lmao.

22. Ai covers are for Mr krabs to sing money

23. Everybody doing Ai on Tiktok is funny.

24. It’s funny how Elon musk is concerned about Ai.

25. Atleast be funny not using Ai on everything.

26. People can get funny about AI art, which I do use in places.

27. What funny is that AI will eventually devour itself because it ends up feeding on its own garbage.

28. You now what feels funny? asking the Ai for the quote of the day.

29. people can use Ai in very funny ways, whereby we see been used to make weird looking super heroes.

30. Try using Ai it will surely make you smile.

31. AI is going crazy with this funny NPC content creators.

32. People can be genuinely funny without been Ai NPC.

33. Am sorry but Ai can be silly sometimes

34. Some of the conversations you can have with Ai turns out to be funny.

35. Ai is actually hella funny.

36. I thought it would be funny to post some of the Ai bloopers.

37. The rise of Ai generated articles is funny.

38. It funny cause i argued with Ai of a picture looking like a moth, it turned out that am right cause it was a tiger bee. But Ai admitted that its still learning.

39. Ai is everything, Hampsters are funny, the rest of crypto is just clown world.

40. Am lover of Ai and i think of it sometimes been funny.

41. This so funny, even crownley sounds needy in AI.

42. But ignoring rebranding, It’s funny how Ai is funny.

43. What is funny is the majority talking about Ai having to replace jobs in future in which people invested their years and time to get this kind of jobs.

44. I don’t think it’s very funny to put anything with Ai especially when other peoples art is involved.

45. So stating that AI or ChatGPT are gamechangers is a giveaway of being an idiot? Funny, because half the articles in the Guardian are exactly about that.

46. AI covers are for Mr krabs to sing money and AI images are for funny memes.

47. what sucks is that majorly of my art are Ai and they look like it’s funny.

48. see AI covers and they are funny.

49. The talk shows are funny and AI cannot do that. They cant replicate what the anchor is dong in the show.

50. Putting AI in things that don’t need it is so funny, like you want your fridge to have a chatbot feature?

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