50 sad tiktok quotes.

As a normal human being there those days that you find yourself in very low moods. And due to social media having apps like TikTok, have found way to be more advanced in their algorithms which can flood you with sad quoted content having voice-overs and music to capture your attention.

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And if you are a content creator in the quote space you can use this advantage to use your creativity in having a good share of this space to boost your impressions, follower and also build and utilize the audience you have.

We are all human beings and emotions are part of us. There those days that you will be happy and those days that you will be obviously sad. But in the end we all end up being okay. No matter what thing you may go through they will always be a way out.

1. “ Do you ever lay in bed and realize how not okay you are.”

2. “ There is no reason to lie to me. I’m way too understanding. I get sh*t, i got life. I understand that sh*t happens sure I’ll be sad but I’ll get over it. So please just be straight up with me and be honest with me.”

3. “ I’m sad but still I’ll smile for you.”

4. “ You never apologized for hurting me but I apologized 30 times for being about it.”

5. “ You deserve better, i’m just a f***ng mistake.”

6. “ Hurting someone with the truth is bettrer than making them happy with a lie.”

7. “ No matter what i do, sometimes i just don’t feel good enough.”

8. “ I’m not sure if i am depressed. I mean I’m no sad. But I’m not exactly happy either. I can laugh, joke and smile during the day, sometimes when I’m alone at night, I forget how I feel.”

9. “ Tinkerbell has always been there for Peter. And Peter?. And Peter? He chose Wendy.”

10. “ May not be perfect but at least I’m not fake.”

11.“ You think you know me, lol if my pictures have fake smiles and I cry myself to sleep, so you really know nothing about me.”

12. “ Imagine someone actually wanting you as much as you want them lol can’t relate.”

13. You really have no idea how much I actually think about you Everything reminds me of you.

14. Imagine getting a text saying ” I’m sorry, let’s work this out. I don’t want this to end.

15. I didn’t know I deserved this much pain.

16. I prefer a “baby I’m busy right now I’ll call you later.” Rather than 8hrs with no text back and a sorry as an excuse.

17. I’m tired bro. I’m hurt. I can only hang for so long, please just let me go.

18. I told myself I would never stop fighting for you but man.. I’m so tired. Chasing after you knowing you’re chasing after someone else is exhausting and so painful.

19. I watched you give up on me, you don’t think that changed me, that shit broke me.

20. I’m the type of person that will sit in the bathroom and cry, but then walk out like nothing ever happened.

21. I cared about your feelings more than mine.

22. You can feel that it is over.

23. Nothing ends your day well with sad TikTok quotes.

24.Dead people receive more flowers than live people do.

25. Have you ever cried so hard that your eyes get swollen?

26. Its kinda crazy how one person can make you happy.

27. I’m losing everybody trying to find my self.

28. They doubted me.

29. I know it hurt sometimes but you will get over it.

30. The tears don’t fix anything.

31. Then there are those days that you can’t sleep at night.

32. Sleep doesn’t fix this kind of tired.

33. Just stop overthinking.

34. Look at the stars at night.

35. One day I’m just going to disappear.

36. If you aren’t enough for yourself, then you are not enough for someone else.

37. Everything will soon start to make sense.

38. Birthday was yesterday and I realized who was real and who was fake.

39. If it comes let it come.

40. You know you are depressed when your TikTok Fyp is full or sad quotes.

41. I know you going to ask. Did I drive you away.

42. I don’t want to get nervous.

43. When they leave you.

44. Texting your favorite person and them being dry is a different type of pain.

45. My biggest is losing you.

46. He taught me how to live, and not to stop.

47. Who will you die for?.

48. We all miss that one person was like family to us.

49. I hate it when my mom asks about you.

50. I hear you any every song i hear and see you in all my dreams.

In conclusion.

By using quotes or making quotes is a great strategy to boost your social media account or marketing for you to grow an audience and capitalize that. Especially platforms like TikTok have made it easier to get that space and traction of having to make such kind of videos easier also can trend faster compared to other platforms.

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