56 top lofi quotes that you may feel you like

56 top lofi quotes that you might like.

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let’s just lose our minds together.

The lofi world is such a beautiful art of its own. From aesthetic great pictures to great lovely wallpapers that can attract your eyes. The music dont forget the music, its soothing, relaxing so awesome. Sometimes you can wake up at 3am and listen to some lofi music that can make your morning wonderful, and even try as much to imagine more about life.

There are times its a bad day at work, and you just want to get your pizza, go home and shower, and get to bed and listen to lofi music and you get this some kind of peace in your mind.Well how do you descrirbe lofi to your point of view?.

 Below are some lofi quotes that i think you might enjoy.Hope you will love it and share it with friends.

“ Don’t be sad, many people are better than him.”

“ if you don’t get it  off your chest, youll never be able to breathe.”

“ I miss you. I hope your sadness will end one day.”

“ She doesn’t need a hero, she is the hero.”

“It was the first time someone told me they loved me.”

“Its just another night and i’m staring at the moon, i saw a shooting star and thought of you.”

“ wish you were here with me.”

“But in the end, I always shoot away my emotions.”

“Homesick for a place i’m not even sure exists.”

“let’s just lose our minds together.”

“Where did we all go wrong.”

“I would tell you that I LOVED YOU.”

“ Be the reason someone smiles today.”

“ I can’t expect myself to change in one day.”

“ You’re running away again.”

“ I have loved the stars too foundly to be fearfull of he night.”

“Be you.”

“If thinking was a drug.i’d be high as right now.”

“ Only thought of you fill my mind.”

“ Trapped in my mind.”

“ What if i never fall in love again?.”

“Things change, friends leave, and life doesn’t stop for anybody.”

“Pain is the only thing that’s  telling me am still alive.”

“You’re  not intrested in others, but you hate loneliness.”

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Nowadays ……. you always sound sad when we talk.”

Lofi quote.

“ Put your phone down every once in a while and make memories that no one else knows about.”

“ Only thoughts of you fill my mind.”

“ I wish i was special, i wish.”

“ What is coming is better than what is gone.”

“One of the most toxic things i’ve ever done is ignore the bad in someone because i love them.”

“ I can feel you forgetting me.”

“ being with you gives me a feeling which a lofi music track gives to my soul and i want to listen to this tune forever.” – Annie.

“ It’s a bad day, not a bad life.”

“I’m tired from crying so much.”

“ Why won’t you listen to yourself.”

“Stay you.”

“ Nowadays ……. you always sound sad when we talk.”

“ It’s funny how article we become, when our hearts are broken.”

“You are exactly where you need to be.”

“ Be a badass with a good ass.”

“ You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else.”

“ Have the time of your life.”

“ self love baby, self love.”

“ No dissapointments.”

sad lofi quotes.

Sad moments happen. It needs to be felt and it is okay. Not every day is sunshine. Sometimes you have to cry to make the pain go away. For the saddest moments un your life, maybe i could give you a good suggestion of a song. Death bed by powfu is one of my favorite.

Give it a try to listen to it. As you listen to the slow nice Lofi music to heal you, here are some of the sad lofi quotes to relate to. Do not worry. Everything is going to turn out to be fine. In the end you will smile anyway.

  • sometimes your house doesn’t feel like home.
  • The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is pretending that you’re not.
  • sometime, even the most uneducational things like gaming and sleeping are the only things keeping me alive.
  • I’m just tired of everything, but I know I can never show my true emotions.
  • Anyone scared to talk about how we feel to someone because their scared of getting insulted?
  • Losing someone you love is like living with a brick in your pocket.
  • sad time moments like these, I bump on this songs at 3am.
  • Being depressed is more than just being sad.
  • You know its a bad day when you look up “sad Lofi
  • Some days I wish I could live in a single memory for the rest of eternity.
  • The day that everybody will love and miss you will be your last day.
  • You all dont want to die, you all want to be saved.
  • Am I the only one who feels this feeling of emptyness and sad but doesn’t know why?.

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