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6 Best Kabza De small songs to hear. – My review.

Amapiano is one of the best performing genres in the African continent. And what they deliver is something is uniquely great and different. Amapiano is very special on it’s own way. Been a dance industry having to vibe to such songs in your free time, or during work or anywhere you are in, makes you feel like you want to break your bones.

person in blue jacket riding bicycle
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Thanks to tiktok, it has really fuelled the genre to grow bigger than it is. Having to be drawn from kwaito, and been listened in radios, tv’s, phone devices on the internet shows how Amapiano is spread across the African continent.

The genre itself has allot of artist’s involved. May it be big or small artists theirs one that i have come across, who i happen to like their delivery of their own Amapiano music. Kabza De small, Dj maphorisa and Ami faku have happen to not only listen but love their music.

I get that their’s allot of amazing Amapiano music out there but also you could give it a try to listen to some i have written below. It’s something i may not understand what they are really saying but I feel it speaks to me, I can relate with the voice. Like I need this.

Kabza De samll is no doubt one of the best Dj’s and a big influence to Amapiano genre. Having to get to know Amapiano music I seem to like it to hear from the king himself. And what can he make and deliver in having to take part in producing such awesome music.

Some of this songs makes you feel different. Kabza De small delivers something different. Apart from the hype part of Amapiano, their is a more chilled side of it. Its almost like a spiritual journey having to discover some of his songs in the album. Like “Khusela” for example and “Liyangishonela.”

5 Best Kabza de small songs i like.

  • Kabza De small and Ami faku ft various artists – yini.
  • Kabza De Small – Liyangishonela ft. Nobuhle.
  • Kabza De Small – Khusela (Official Audio) ft. Msaki.
  • Kabza De Small – Sondela ft Ami Faku & Mhaw Keys.
  • DJ Maphorisa & Kabza De Small – Beliveki ft. Ami Faku.
  • Kabza De Small – Xola ft. Nobuhle, Zethu & Young Stunna.

Dj Maphorisa, Ami faku and kabza de small are a combo that seems to never disappoint. So much talent. I loved Beliveki more. It hits different and makes me enjoy the song. Ami faku been the soul provider her voice is just nice. I hope that in future they will make more songs like this. Its so damn spiritual.

Apart from ” Abalele” and ” Asibe happy” been two of my most favorite songs, theirs more to it than just this two. In the album Kabza Koa 2, his songs i have found it to be enjoying. And it seems it’s not getting that quite of a good attention that it needs.

A song in the Album like ” khusela” it just hits different. It gives you that spiritual feeling. And maybe people have heard of it yet they may not know the title. It’s a song i will personally recommend for someone who would love to hear more of Kabza De small songs.

As Amapiano continues to flex its muscles, they may be more upcoming hits from this wonderful genre straight from its origin home south Africa. But the ones i have talked about are just for my personal opinion. Maybe you have your own type of people you would love to hear in Amapiano.

If you have a favourite artists in your mind, you can write it below the comment section. plus which song of theirs do you really like to vibe to. If you like this content. please feel free to share with friends and family.