7 Best fireboy DML love songs for you.

Fireboy DML is one of the best artist to listen to In Africa. I f you do not listen to Fireboy DML i don’t know about your playlist in your phone, but listen to his songs. He is pure talent that you can listen and vibe to. Fireboy DML has come to the industry with a different sound, energy and vocals.

Their is a good mix of his songs that can be uplifting and also some of them be of love songs. Just to boost your mood. Bandana and Peru are good songs of his to listen to. To me, Bandana has become my all time favorite. And been a major hit shows their a positive response of the song been greatly done and delivered. Below you are going to see some of the best Fireboy DML love songs just for you.

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To all the Fireboy DML citizens, keep on giving the love and support that he needs. And not let this legacy die. The music industry is tough and therefore giving support to such talented artists is the best thing you could as a fan, or listener.

Fireboy DML love songs.

Fireboy DML.

1. Energy – Fireboy DML.

Energy na your energy.

That’s what I like about you.

That’s why I wanna be around you.

Fireboy DML – Energy.

Their are so many good songs of fireboy DML songs but what comes in my mind is energy. Sometimes I love to work while i listen to music. It makes me feel better and makes me get things done. To some maybe this song is to encourage your love life with the person you dearly love.

Fireboy DML.

2. Feel – Fireboy DML.

Look into my eyes when I’m singing to you

Take this love that I’m bringing to you.

Don’t tell me all this got no meaning to you

Take this love that I’m bringing to you (Oh no)

‘Cause I need you to feel my love in your soul.

I need you to feel my touch on your body

I need you to feel my love in your soul.

Fireboy DML – feel.

Feel is a lovely song. Listening to it in repeat give you that chilled feeling. Also you can dance to it. Also relatable and easy to sing with the flow. This song can get into your soul if you tend to listen to it with much focus. Having this song in your phone will make you listen to it again over and over.

Fireboy DML

3. Need you – Fireboy DML.

Don’t listen to them, You don’t need rumours.

I know you need me but I need you more.

Oh my lover anytime you call me baby.

You know that it makes me lose.

Fireboy DML – Need you.

Okay this song is sweet. Like mango. I love the melody in this song. The guitar. this song gives a certain feeling from the heart. The song is special. It can be very therapeutic and give you that hope that one day you will find that special person in future. This song will make you believe that love exists.

Fireboy DML.

4. Jealous – Fireboy DML.

Ghana girl with the melanin.

Take it easy, she ofe kpa mini.

I wanna have you forever.

Oh, ma your loving is all i need.

Girl i’m falling for you oh.

Fireboy DML – jealous.

I am getting jealous for not been Nigerian. This kind of music should be sold to the pharmacy. This song can cure depression, stress and make up your day. To the love birds who hear this song, I know sometimes you can feel jealous if you see your person with another person sometimes. The song is self explanatory and can be very relatable.

Fireboy DML – Vibration.

5. Vibration – Fireboy DML.

I see what you doing.

You put your body into it.

I love the you make it oh.

I can feel the vibration.

of your body moving.

You put your body into it.

I can see what you’re doing oh.

Fireboy DML – Vibration.

What fireboy DML did at vibration can never be undone. When am sad when this song come on i end up smiling. The voice, the melodies, the instrumentals the harmonization of R and B plus afro sound. This what vibration became. A masterpiece and becoming one of the most beautiful to ever hear from Fireboy himself.

Fireboy DML.

6. Peru – Fireboy DML.

Love in slow motion.

I wanna feel you over me, yeah.

Girl, I Love the way you ride it.

Fireboy DML – Peru.

Since Peru has suppased 220 million streams on Spotify, The collab of Ed sheeran and Fireboy bring so much goosebumps. The song is tasteful and it is safe to jam out loud to. The song can stick in your head like a replay. The song has become a major hit making Africa proud. This song has made look Nigerian music king in Africa. This song can make you be obsessed.

Fireboy DML.

7. All of us – Fireboy DML.

If I cheat on you, I’m sorry

If you cheat on me don’t worry

No be my fault na shayo

Na all of us be ASHAWO

Fireboy DML – All of us.

The lyrics itself could be a real testimony on the world we live in. It has good vibe to it. So if you want to make some apologies in your relationship, this is the ideal song for you. The video of the song deserves much credit. It is so alluring. Representing on how much value African art has. If you want to add a good playlist in your phone, All of us could be for you.

In conclusion.

This are some of the love songs or songs related to love from Fireboy DML. Seeing talented artist from Africa doing great things espceially in music bring alot of pride and a good look of what we can present to the world. If their is any song that is your favorite by Fireboy DML feel free to comment it below.

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