9 Diana Marua songs to listen and know about.

Diana Marua, Diana Bahati or Daina B has become one of the most entertaining vlogger, Youtuber and artist we have ever seen in the Kenya trending scene. Diana is very well known through her Husband Bahati who is very famously known in the country for his work of been artist and also an entertainer in the industry,

Since the couple have stayed through thick and thin having to be together, their chemistry between the two has gone pretty well been that the two have something in common which both happen to be artists and also entertainers as well.

Since Diana has shown that she can try out music and see what happens, her step in doing this has made her fans really support her work and what she is doing by having to release her songs which she can establish herself as an artist.

As we wait for more of her music, here are some of Diana’s s

1. Mtaachana tuu – Bahati ft Diana Marua. (2020)

“Mtachana tu” is a well delivered song and message and written by Bahati himself. “Mtaachana tu” is a special love dedicated song by Bahati having to thank and appreciate her wife “Diana” for having to be together and also blessing him with beautiful children as well.

Having to make his music video in high style is a show of that. And in the song he shuns all the haters of having compare his relationship with other celebrities who happen to break up in their own recent trendy relationships.

This song has been highly motivated to make haters feel the pain of the successful marriage and relationship that Diana and Bahati have. “Mtaachana tu” which means break up, is number one our list making it top first to go and check it out.

2. Hatutaachana (2021)

Coming up to number two in our list is ‘Hatutaachana’, which is a solo song done by Diana herself. In this song came out very impressive due to her improved visuals and also vocals. In the song is not that different than ‘Mtaachana tuu’.

Both of the songs are way similar. What makes it different is that Diana is the one that happens to sing and to come out to deliver the message herself to her doubters who still think that her and Bahati will leave each other.

But thats not the case. Because she has proven her love and commitment to his husband bahati is well sealed for life, and that her love life is not of the same type of those that we hear and see celebrities engage in. To listen to her first single of her song, checkout Hatutaachana by Diana.

3. One day (2022)

Next on the list of Diana’s songs is ‘one day’, is a song well motivated by her ambitions and advice of her mother who in the song she defined as Long gone. In ‘one day’ Diana clarifies herself that at some point in life she thought that she was left behind and things weren’t working out for her.

In this song she really raps well, and it shows through her lines and rhymes that a lot of good effort has been implemented in this song.

And having to remember her mother telling her that one day everything will turn out fine, indeed things are looking good for her having to mention a variant of many opportunities having been presented to her, to make use of it to be successful

‘One day’ is for the people who feel things are going too fast, and they feel that they are getting left behind. In the end, one day things will work out for you.

4. Mubaba ft Vinny flava (2022)

In the culture of ‘Wababas’ and ‘wamamas’ this song is as a show of that. Whereby such kind of relationships of young men or women finding themselves in a relationship with older age groups of people defined to be rich or people with means. Such kind of song has shown how such relationships are well transactional.

Diana Bahati and together with Vinny Flava made this song to become a banger. Having to see people like Terrence creative in the music video made it more interesting and showed how important it is to promote not only artists but YouTubersrs as well is a good blended mix of support.

With over 2 million views on YouTube, you can check out the song, Happen to be in the ‘Wamamas’ or ‘wababs’ circle. Maybe this could be a song to vibe to at your own free time.

5. Nakulombotov ft Bahati (2022)

“Nakulombotov’ is basically a shembeteng word that means “I love you.” The couple having to release this song is just to show each other of how much they love each other. It starts with Bahati’s voice in the song, and most of the song has been dominated by Diana’s rap.

In the video she has shown her audience of her pregnancy. Which is shown as a gift and blessing of two of the most romantic artists we have in the music industry.

As the Duo continues to be together, there is more chance we might see more songs of the two release their songs.

6. Sweet love Bahati Ft Diana B (2022)

‘Sweet love’ is another song of the two having to show much of their experience in their marriage. And if you take a good look of the music video directed by dolls, the visuals came out the best plus it seems Diana and Bahati are really enjoying each other been around in the video.

This is a song that can prove how you feel about your loved one or wife. In the song we see clearly how Bahati’s trying to declare his love for her and also Diana in her part seems to appreciate much of what Bahati has done for him

This one of the kind of songs that am sure can envy the naysayers of the kind of love the two are in. ‘Sweet love’ is a good song that you can play and use to appreciate your loved one.

7. The one Bahati Ft Diana Marua (2021)

Another song that comes to number 7 in our list is ‘the one’ by Bahati. At this one majorly focuses from Bahati’s verses whereby in the song he shows that there so many people he has dated in his life and his major choice of having to choose one and only person is Diana.

Diana having to participate in the music video and also giving support on Bahati’s music channel on this one was a great move. The one is a kind of song that can be played in wedding events.

So if you know any kind of wedding events that you may attend to, the one could a good suggestion song to play to. For you loved ones, show them that they are the one by having to play this song to them.

8. Narudi soko (2023)

‘Narudi soko’ is a party themed song coming Diana Bahati herself. It is song that can well communicate to the brokenhearted or may want to move on to find a new better relationship. The song encourages that. Whereby “soko” in it’s meaning “Market” is a show that someone is ready to go back in the dating scene.

The song also happens to show the undisputed beef between Andrew kibe and Diana bahati. Can’t tell how long the beef would take between the two, but this song was sure that having to call the Andrew kibe could stir up strife.

‘Narudi soko’ became a trending song in the Kenyan Youtube music scene. It’s another step that shows Diana will still be relevant in her music career.

9. Mambo ya Mhesh (2022)

In November 2022 Bahati, Diana B, Ssaru and Sosuun came together to make one good song called ‘Mambo ya Mhesh’ which if it was put it in long form Mambo ya mheshimiwa shows how “mheshimiwa” who is Bahati having to act as the rich man in the song showing how Mheshimiwa’s have options to get in different kinds of relationships.

Having to see Sosuun and Ssaru getting the exposure under Bahati’s audience was a great move also. The two in this song did deliver their best having to listen the delivery of their lines and flow. The collaboration of this song by the see of it was a well done.

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