Top 10 Just A Band Songs You Should Know.

just A Band Is One Of Those Iconic Bands In Kenya That Many Can Remember The Hit Song “Ha-He” Which Was Known By Its Skit Actor “Makmende” Standing Out As A Tough Hero In The Video Fighting The Bad Guys.

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Insha Started Playing The Piano At Nine Years Old And In Her Later Years She Changed To Guitars Which In This Article You Will Listen And For Hear The Kind Of Sound She Has Put Out Since Her Released Songs Ever Since At 14 Where She Released Songs On Soundcloud.



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“Sauti Sol’s Albums: Journeying Through Time In Their Albums – Rediscovering The Roots Of Musical Brilliance!”

It Was In The Year 2005 Where The Founding Fathers Of Sauti Sol Started There Music Career To Make Incredible Music That Has Quality, Talent And A Message That Touches The Hearts Of Many People. The Group’s Founding Father Were Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, Polycarp Otieno, And Savara Mudigi Been Young Boys In Highschool Off To Start Their Musical Journey.