10 TID songs to reminisce to.

In the early uprising of the Bongo flava industry, a good name was echoing from popularity to fame. At the time of him releasing music, He kinda looked like the ‘Usher’ version of the Tanzanian artist. His talent and delivery of his songs at the time was big banger to many people who listened to him.

Navy Kenzo

10 Navy kenzo songs most popular hits.

I envy Tanzanian’s so much of having the best artists that we have ever seen in east Africa. One of the best afro pop, Hip/hop and Bongo flava duo to ever happen in the music industry is Navy Kenzo. Since their famed story of having to meet in India and comeback to release music is one of the most inspiring stories ever heard.


10 Bahati gospel songs to listen to.

There is a good old saying that old is gold, and it happens to be true when it also comes to music. Cause that’s where most of the foundation comes from. In his early rise to fame. Bahati broke through the Gospel industry in a big way back in the days before he ventured into the secular scene that he is right now.


10 Phy songs best of the best to listen to

One of the young talented artists we ever had in Kenya is Phy. Her genre been RnB and Afropop, she got recognized of having to win of the talent show Maisha superstar back in 2015, and got a big hit of having to produce the song Taboo. Even though she has not been relevant in producing music, she still marks one of the best artists of having to produce good quality music.


10 Ssaru songs to get you Vibez on

Ssaru is an upcoming musician who has a very compelling talent to show to her fans and the public. Having to get popular on social media platforms of having to freestyle, to the point she makes her own music and producing has become one of her major steps of becoming a rapper.