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30 whatsapp status for christmas.

30 Whatsapp status for Christmas. Ah. this are best times of season where family and friends come together as one. Its good to at least see someone who you may have not seen for a very long time. Hearing their voices and how they are doing, having that little awesome opportunity, are one of the best in someone’s life.

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50 famous thank you quotes

50 famous thank you quotes. There are many ways to say thank you. Especially when people come around you to help in whatever problem you have or in need of asking a favor. For no man is an island and people everyday are in need of assistance.

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The pearl Kenyan review by John steinbeck.

The pearl Kenyan review. The pearl is a book written by John steinbeck. He has written various other books but personally this one has been majorly in the Kenyan high school curriculum which is the 844, until the new change came in place which is CBC. And also the change has resulted to the new upcoming of other set books.

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Umuhimu wa rununu katika jamii

Rununu ni chombo cha mawasiliano inalotumia mtandao ili kupitisha ujumbe fulani katika mtu mmoja kwa mwingine. Aidha umeletwa na teknolojia ya majuzi mbali ya kuwa kitambo watu waliishi kutumiana barua na kupea mtumwa kupeleka katika lango moja hadi nyingine.

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40+mchongoanos kali that will make your stomach hurt.

40+ Mchongoano’s that will make your stomach hurt. These reminds me of days that we used to be kids, back in primary school, where at break times there was always space and time for Mchongoano’s. Especially most of the time it was vs kids who were pros dominated in these Mchongoano’s, “wale wakali” to the point if you dare to challenge them, signs of balancing tears will show up on your face.