Top 10 tempting back to school offers for your child 2021 kenya.

Back to school season in kenya is almost here and your wondering wheres the best tempting back to school offers, ways to buys back to school gadgets for your child. No matter which class, or grade, or where you are learning, school will still resume especially after almost a whole year of young kids staying at home.

we may have one of the best back to school deals from one of your best sites and brands mostly including school gadgets. If you still haven’t made that back to school shopping list. Its time for now. Trust us as they say the early bird cathes the worm.

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whether you are a student, guardian or parent you will be glad that you did so.


This is a nice book that can guide your child to solve math problems, writing information and even to state an opinion. some come in different designs which can attract your childs eyes by depending on the image placed.

check price ksh 120


Helix Generic oxford Geometrical set + calculator + free airphones.

This is an Helix generic oxford geometrical set that your child can use to learn subjects like mathematics its even highly recommended for kcse and kcpe students who will use for there end year exams. So if you know your child is a candidate this is a must requirement. But lucky you for this you may get a calculator plus a free earphone.

check price ksh 1,200

Staedtler Tradition HB pencils 6′ packs.

This black lead pencils make school work easy. They don’t brake easily and are strong and easy to use for a student. can be used at home and in school.When it comes erasing a word in your book, you don’t have to use force cause its extra friendly when it comes to your books.

check price:ksh 950

Good news bible.

It a bible highly recommended in schools especially if you are in the primary. The ministry of education approved the good news bible for students especially if you are studying christian religious education. If you get this for your child its a sure pass for him or her in school.

check price: ksh 816.

Bic orange fine ball point pens.

the box may contain 20 blue ball pens which if one gets finished you still can get a spare of the rest of the pens. With 0.07 to 0.08 mm point it can moves smoothly on your book. So you might not have to worry about getting a tear from one of your pages.

check price: ksh 375

Storymoja KCPE scoremore – socialstudies.

for those who love social studies, this a book for you to help you study. Its a 2020 revised version which makes more recent and latest version you can get.The book can help you practise active learning, gives you precise examples in simple forms and can sharpen exam techniques.

check price: ksh 680.

Oxford dictionary.

One of the best selling books and also its best for improving your English .By the use of this dictionary you get to learn alot by pronouncing words, knowing their meanings and also how to use them. Its important to get such a dictionary for your child for a large improvement.

check price: ksh 1,900

Kcse made familiar biology.

To those who want to be future doctors or scientists, made familiar is meant for you especially if you are a high school student. The book itself hepls the student of all levels of high school to revise a topic taught in class by solving problems depending on the specific topic. It has past kcpe questions from form one to form four.

check price: ksh 598

Kigogo by pauline kea.

Kigogo a nice setbook for all high school students in Kenya. A nice story that talks about power and a alot of lessons to be learned if you get to read more on this. For this upcoming school season getting this book at tremendous offer its a miracle. To all high schoolers this book is a must read.

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