Top 10 Best Quing Madi songs.

Its clearly shown that Young talent coming from Nigerianis getting some global recognition. The sound behind “see finish” and “Ole” you will be shocked that it is done well by a very young girl has got what it takes to make you love her art and also her music.

Best songs of queen madi

Quin Madi is one of the most talented upcoming artist who is dominating the Nigerian RNB scene having getting streams all over the internet and her sound happens to be so original that can soothen your ears.

She also happens to be multi-talented of having to be a dancer, song writer and singer in which she uses it to her advantage of having to capture her fans. As she continues her journey getting in the grip on the music industry, below are some of her best and fresh songs to listen to.

1. Quing Madi – See finish.

Quing madi – see finish.

In January 11th 2023, her first ever song was released which suddenly happened to be a hit in the online space. “see finish” happens to be a very beautiful song that her voice and the sound in this, happens to be very unique.

“See finish” can be a very relatable and uplifting song for the ones who feel low and need something that can not only vibe to the song but also enjoy the message behind this music. Her releasing this made her gain a lot of traction and it doesn’t end there.

2. Quing Madi – Why.

Quing Madi – Why.

Number 2 in this list is “why” which happens to be another great song of her that can really capture your ears attention. “Why” was officially been released on march 7th 2023 and became a success due to the kind of music production that was done here was actually fantastic.

The music video is of high quality and it will make you enjoy the kind of music that was made here By Quing Madi. For this song is a masterpiece and more like this from her makes her stand out in the music scene.

3. Quing Madi – Ole ft BNXN.

Quin Madi – Ole ft BNXN

A song that has got a major hit and so much recognition is “Ole” by Quing Madi featuring BNXN. “Ole” was premiered and got released on August 2nd, 2023 and ever song became an instant hit been aired on the radio capturing more audience.

They say we speak different languages but music is a language we all understand. And this song has just been a good well defined that narrative. Having that it has a catchy melody and a good voice from Quin Madi, the song happens to be one of the best so far.

4. Quing madi – Run my races.

A very super performance in the masked session coming from her, her voice sound is spectacular and it shows that there is so much talent coming from her.

“Run my Races” was released in the Year of 2021 December 1st this was when before she got way more serious of having to do music.

Been that she young and talented like this, there is a lot of good mjsc that will soon be coming from her. But as that happens, Enjoy “Run my races” by Quing Madi

5. Quing Madi – Journey.

Number 5 in the list is journey by WQuing madi. Which in this song she pays tribute to the passing of the late artist Mohbad which gives her a reality check in life that his passing has made her think that we don’t stay forever.

Nobody knows when the ticking bomb will explode. And of this song is having to show that it is important to remember this lesson in life as we grow.

6. Quing Madi – chargie.

Another beautiful song coming from quing Madi si chargie. Chargie was relesed in november 17th 2023 making to come up with a different style and nice melodic voice and mix of sound.

Coming from her EP is a song that is very relatable to people who listen to this jam. For a fresh and refreshing this is the song to try on.

7. quing Madi – Madis madley

As song to give you peace in your heart is Qing Madi’s song Madi’s medley which captivates much on what she prays in her life and how she will be moving as a person. The song was released in the month of November 17 2023 having releasing her EP.

The song is very melodic to listen to. And is highly recommended if you feel like you have goals and dreams to achieve.

8. Quing Madi – Vision.

Another Vocalistic sound to listen to from Quing madi is this one. Been part of the Quing Madi eP is a vybe. The music video been that it was nice and simple, gives the great picture of simplicity in her work.

And all in all of her importance in this songs is obviously is her voice and talent. As she tries to push her EP to success, “Vision” happens to be one of her songs that shows that it can stand out.

9. Quing Madi – American Love.

A song that seems to stand out from the rest is American love. American love was released in the near season of christmas on december on 8th. The vibe in the song was such incredible go toe to toe with the music video.

Been that her EP was released this is the song that seems to capture much more than the rest of her songs in the mix.

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