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Business form 2 notes on transport.

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Transport is the process of moving goods or people from one place to another.

Importance of transport to Business.

Essenstial elements of transport.

These are basic elements which must be there for transport system to function efficiently. These are:

Modes of Transport

These refers to the manners in which transport is carried out. These are three modes of transport.

Lands Transport.

This made of transport involves movement of goods and people using units of carriage that move on dry land. The various means under this include: Human portage, carts, vehicles, matatus, trains and pipeline transport.

Water transport.

Is a mode of transport where the units of carriage transport goods and people on water water transport can be highlighted by

This is transport carried out on lakes, rivers and inland canals. The lake Victoria facilitates transport among the free east African countries i.e Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Ferries also connect the mainland to island. Water hyacinth has however been a threat to transport on the lake.

Reasons why most rivers in Kenya are non navigable.

Sea transport.

This is where goods and people are transported in seas and oceans. Sea transport is important as it connects continent of the world thereby facilitating international trade.

Types of water vessels.

Advantages of water transport.

Disadvantages of water transport.

Air transport.

This is a mode of transport which aeroplane are used Aircrafts are the means of transport. It is the fastest means of transport. Airports and airstrips are their terminuses.

Advantages of air transport.

Disadvantages of air transport.


containerisation is a recent development in transport. It involves transporting goods packed in standard box like which are made either wood or metal. Which an be hired or bought.

Advantages of containerisation.

Disadvantages of containerisation.

Factors that influence choice a appropriate means in transport.

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