10 Ali kiba’s best songs. Old is Gold.

hey say old is gold. And that is true when it comes to the one of the best pioneers of the Bongo flava. Ali Kiba earned his major fame in the early 2008 when “Cinderella” was released making big waves in East Africa. Been that it was a hit other songs like “Nakshi Mrembo” followed by which made him to be a star in his craft.


10 Best marioo songs. Mi Amor been the first one.

Marioo is one of the most talented artists in the music industry that we have ever seen. Him having to take the Swahili Amapiano to another level and having to mix with some of his Bongo flava and also Afro beats together with R and B music, shows how he tries his best to entertain his audience with those genres.

10 Rose Muhando best songs to listen.

Her songs were popping before the big existence and presence of social media in which “Kiatu kivue” became the greatest hits in the Gospel industry having been played in the streets, Radio stations and also televisions back in the days.

Jay melody

10 Best songs of jay melody that must listen

It’s awesome to see new young fresh artist pave in their way to get success in the music industry. It allows new sounds of very talented artists to get a chance to have a voice in the market and have to showcase their talents to the masses. In a industry where it is tricky and can be very competitive Jay melody happens to pop up in my mind.


20 Harmonize Best songs . Kainama been the first.

Tanzania is very well known to have some of the best and talented artists in the Bongo flava industry. And Harmonize happens to be one of them, makes me envy the Tanzanian music industry. Rajab abdul Kahali also known as Harmonize is a bongo flava star who happens to share his talent in music to the world.