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55 savage lines to say to a Boy or girl.

A good savage line can ignite the inner boss in you. And for that a savage needs to sound loud. It gives you the respect which people do not often do.

Some people can be losers by testing you or teasing you with some stupid word or questions. In time like this we need to use the power of savage lines to guard us and also fight our haters who try to bring us down.

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50 Friday vibes quotes to make up your day.

One week is considered to have 7 days. And one of the days happen to be like so many by the majority of the working population seem to like Fridays. Whereby the week ends in style of having to go party with friends or having to join our family or even have to go and do something that we all enjoy doing.

Plant Growth in Space (NASA, International Space Station)

45 short green quotes

People need the earth, and the fight to go green has been really effective to save the environment. And it is sad to see that people are polluting the environment, and going too far to having to destroy. As an example trees.

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30 whatsapp status for christmas.

30 Whatsapp status for Christmas. Ah. this are best times of season where family and friends come together as one. Its good to at least see someone who you may have not seen for a very long time. Hearing their voices and how they are doing, having that little awesome opportunity, are one of the best in someone’s life.

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50+creative shembeteng words. Raimbitis and more.

Sheng has been a popular slang in the urban areas of Kenya for sometime. The language was obviously born in Nairobi ( Kanairo ) especially in eastlands, places like Kayole where it has grown so fast overtime, making almost everybody to speak. It contains English, swahili and also some of vernacular or other local languages.

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50 famous thank you quotes

50 famous thank you quotes. There are many ways to say thank you. Especially when people come around you to help in whatever problem you have or in need of asking a favor. For no man is an island and people everyday are in need of assistance.