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The pearl Kenyan review by John steinbeck.

The pearl Kenyan review. The pearl is a book written by John steinbeck. He has written various other books but personally this one has been majorly in the Kenyan high school curriculum which is the 844, until the new change came in place which is CBC. And also the change has resulted to the new upcoming of other set books.

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40+mchongoanos kali that will make your stomach hurt.

40+ Mchongoano’s that will make your stomach hurt. These reminds me of days that we used to be kids, back in primary school, where at break times there was always space and time for Mchongoano’s. Especially most of the time it was vs kids who were pros dominated in these Mchongoano’s, “wale wakali” to the point if you dare to challenge them, signs of balancing tears will show up on your face.

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Wajackoya 25 hilarious quotes.

Wajackoya as one of the known professors in Kenya, turn it out to be a very influential politician among the young Kenyan youths, has been lately trending lately. Known by his political party called roots party, which they have a young beautiful contestant, and a good number of supporters, known to be the roots party has been judged differently.

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60 short heartbreak quotes.

Yes, it painful. sometimes you will have memories of the other person, the good times, and the pain comes knowing that you lost someone who once loved and cared for you to a certain point. This the times to take a step forward and move on. For might come in the future might be a better person. And as time goes by, you will heal from such experiences.

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50 deep short quotes for instagram

50 deep short quotes for instagram. Instagram is the most trending social media platform on the internet and since it has billions of users in use, we have some of the deepest short quotes to use it either as a caption, or on your bio, or even to post to motivate some of your friends and also followers.

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Hadithi fupi – ya mapenzi mahaba chiku.

Chiku alikuwa na mpenziwe anayeitwa joseph ambaye walipendana sana tangu shuleni ya upili. lakini maish ya joseph yalikuwa yakunga’ng’ana. Joseph amekuwa akifanya juu chini kupata kazi ambayo itampa maisha bora na pia kuweza kuishi na chiku mpenziwe wake wa kufa kupona na hata hivyo kumwoa na kufunga pingu ya maisha.

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Hadithi ya mahaba.(story of love.)

Sijui niseme aje, kwamba hii ni ndoto ama tuu ni fikra zangu akilini. Niliota kuwa nilikuwa ndani jijini wa nairobi, watu wakitembea kuenda kivyao hapa nikiwa nimesimama. Sijui sababu langu ya kusimama katika jiji ambapo watuwengi mno na kuwa ukisimama unagongwa, na kupewa macho makali kana kwamba mimi ndo makosa nimefanya.