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glass wet with rain

Essay on horrific day.

The rain began to fall little by little. Nobody thought there would be floods but when we woke up early in the morning before the first roaster had notified me. I went in the frogs kingdom to have a lukewarm shower that left me as fresh as cucumber.

two person holding pinkies

50 short quotes of holding hands, Instagram,captions and sayings.

Been held by someone his or her hands are some of the most beautiful moments in a persons life. As a sign of two people been in love, it shows alot how couples care for each other. While people hold there hands together as they walk, or sit or wherever the place they are at or a specific function, we have some of the greatest short love quotes that you can even tell it to your dear loved.

woman blowing kiss

32+kenya quotes and kenyan jokes.

Are you feeling a little bored or down. Don’t worry we got some of the funniest jokes you can check them out and even try to imagine and at least smile or laugh after all this long hardworking day or week to enlight your day or even your week. Its not that good to stress yourself too much till you be sad. Sometimes a joke can make you happy and even feel better.

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18 misemo ya wahenga.

Kuna misemo nyingi mbalimbali hutumika kama methali ambapo hutusadia kuelewa maisha na kuelewa pia namna za binadamu. Misemi hizi yatulinda sisi ili tuwe sawa katika jambo fulani yeyote. Misemo hizi pia hutumika katika insha kwa kuandika insha yeyote kwa kutumia kama mfano ndi myu aelewe maana zaidi.


32 how to say hello sayings and quotes.

so try as much of your free time to say hello to someone you have not really heard there voice for a while. You might well be surprised to hear them. Below are some of say hello sayings and quotes that you can try to use to even text that one friend you feel to know how they are doing. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share it with friends and a family.