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Chair colours that say about you

Chair colours that say more about you.We all love sitting or lying on our chairs or sofa after a long day of working or doing something that make you a little bit more tired during the day.

Been on a comfortable chair or sofa is the best feeling or relaxation you could ever had, in matter in fact chairs are mostly found in households or events. Especially events like wedding plastic chairs are most in use at that particular time. They can be white, they can be black or any kind of colour.

Speaking of colour, what’s your favorite kind of chair colour?. What if your chair colour could tell what kind of person you are?. Sometimes colour can tell us what we may like or it shows on things that we are attracted to by sight. Colours are beautiful and people have there on likability of what colour they want.

Some are below colour chair that you love the most could say about.

  1. Red chair’s.
    Red is been known to be a blood or dangerous colour and also a very cool colour.But there’s more. To a person who loves his red comfortable chair, it may mean that you are a lovable person, a person who has strength or power and even a person who has passion on what he or she is doing. So if you are a person who is doing a very passionate thing in life , then you are lucky.

2.Blue chair.
Blue is known to be a chilled and cooled colour. But whenever I think of blue it reminds me of the sky, cause almost every day I wake up and see the clear sky, it’s blue. It even reminds of large seas and oceans even though the waters are colourless.
When it comes to blue, it shows that you are loyal , and a person who can be trusted and also a person whose very very intelligent. So if you are loyal to your blue sofa , don’t sell it.

3.Yellow chair.
Yellow is a very interesting colour and it happens to remind when I was a young kid, whenever I thought of yellow it reminds me of crayons cause I used to make a lot of mess colouring the walls. And some of the beautiful trees in the world have leaves of this colour which seems to capture someone’s eyes. If you love your yellow chair at home it shows you are a person who is creative, Bright and even a very happy person. So I guess you smile to much, like those smiling suns in some cartoons.

  1. Brown chair.
    This colour is everywhere especially when it comes to nature, forests or tree, or soil, all this are found outdoor. So specifically your chair should be of outdoor conditions which means you maybe be more or less of a person who loves adventure. A person who likes such a chair coloured like this is a person whose super friendly, who loves to conserve the environment. Such chairs are great for outdoor activities.
  2. Green chair.
    The colour itself says it all, the vegetation and the environment that’s surrounds us , the plants both big or small , it’s all over the place. If you happen to sleep on a green chair you might find yourself dreaming about plants. But it can mean more. It also shows a sign of growth and even healing.
  3. Pink chair.
    A colour usually liked by most girls, and some are used in candy this is a very special colour. Kids love it. If you have a pink chair then there’s more to it than been a girly colour. Pink is a feminine colour but if you love your chair pink then it means you are a sweet person and compassionate and also playful. For all pink chair lovers I believe you love been playful.
  4. Gray chair.
    Gray is Known to be a colour of sadness when it comes to a person. But there’s a good side of gray where by if you like gray chair as your colour there’s more to it. This comes to a person who is intelligent, a person of security and also a person who is reliable. So if you sit on gray chair in your office , you may feel you have intelligence.
  5. Purple chair.
    Whenever i see purple well, I don’t know how to describe it but I see this type of colour in some gardens or farms. So basically it reminds me of vegetables. Crazy huh ! . They way I think of purple is different from the way you think about it but. Funny I came to understand there’s more to understand. Sitting on a purple chair may mean that you are a person who has ambition in something, it’s also a sign of nobility and also luxury.
  6. Orange chair.
    As a kid the first time I heard of this word, my mum gave me an orange fruit and I only believe that it’s only a fruit till I was told it’s also a type of colour. Why can’t we call red a tomatoes?. But that time I was just a kid. To those who like sitting on orange there’s a bit of something maybe shows what you like in life. Orange shows that super friendly to people. It also shows that you have courage in you. And for your information , am not an expert but oranges are good for your body.
  7. Black chair.
    Black chairs are mostly popular in design. And it used in big corporates and it even matches with somebody’s suit which shows black itself has power. If you love black as colour itself then you like to be classy. Yes class is your thing and also means protection. So sitting on a black chair might feel like you are a boss. So been your own boss or feeling like one , a black chair is likely for you.
  8. White chair.
    White a colour itself it describes peace. White itself it’s a nice and very humble colour. After a long day of work and you need just to rest and have that peaceful moment the a white comfortable chair is just for you. A person whose attracted to white is a person whose clean, fresh, innocent and also peaceful.