Christian ethnics form 3 notes.

Christian ethnics form 3 notes.

– Ethnics and morals show how they are related. The term ethnics is derived from a greek word term ethikes which means custom or conduct.

– It is the systematic study of human actions to determine their righteosness or wrongness.

– We can therefore conclude that ethnics is the study of human actions to determine their righteousness or wrongness.

– We can therefore conclude that ethnics is the study of moral life.

– Christian ethnic means the study of human conduct or behaviors from on christian point of view.

The basis of christian ethnics. The principles of Christian ethnics.

– human revision and experience.

– Sacred scriptures.

– The christians community.

– Nature law.

– Situation ethnics.

Human reason and experience.

– when we are confronted with situations in while we need to mouse in morals decision we can rely an internal and external gudes.

Internal guides.

– they comprise conscience knowledge and free wall conscience. This is the mind making practical judgmentation human or creations as being good or bad right or wrong.

– Our conscience tells us that we have an obligation to do something or to avoid doing it.

The following steos can be used in making decisions based on conscience.

– We must be certain that something is right before we do it.

– If we are doubful about the morality of an action we should not do it.

– If we are faced by a perplexed conscience we should be making a decision.

– When we have a sensitive conscience. This implies a courful and balanced conscience that is not exaggered onto prevent one from during things even when there might be al involved.

Knowledge and freewill.

– This is another internal guide to make more decision. In order to make moral decisions based on knowledge God free will.


– Every normal person with a sound find how an inner feeling or insight that guides him or her to make decision that requires immediate response to an action.

– Intuition is however only happens in situations that require quick and immediate action.


– In a situation where moral decision is based on feelings it becomes extremely subjective in making decisions based on the internal guides. It is important for the individual to be self – critical.

External guides.

– Since internal gudes are in adequate because of their subjective. People have to resort to externel guides for decisions on what is rigth or wrong.

– Extenal gudes for decisions on what is right or wrong.

– External guides are our experiments of our uses , human nature and evidence of the universe in which evolves.

– There may also be greater lative persons to gude us to make moral decisions.

Sacred scriptures ( The bible ).

– Christian ethnics how its main basis in the bible. Christian generally agree that the bible is the most important source of norms on christian living.

– In making moral decisions christians are guded. By God’s revelation to them in the bible.

– There is also no agreement among christians on how to use the bible as a basis of fourth and morals.

– Some say that the bible provide laws like the ten commandments which can gude christians in christian living.

– Others claim that the bible reaveals God’s plan for human beigns and his creation by following this plan. Christians get principles for christtian living.

– Others believe, the the bible contains God’s dealing with human being.

– By using the bible christaianity gets challenges to lead good christian lives.

– Its true that for committed christians the bible inspires and challenge them to live moral live thatr please God.

– The moral principles that form the basis for christian ethnics found in the life and teaching of jesus in the life and teaching of jesus in the new testament views.

– The example of jesus is therfore the basis for christian conduct.

– God commands. Christians to obey his laws.

– The ten commandments at jesus claims the authority demand moral standards.

– Trough the teaching of jesus and those of him the gospel and epistles writers, human conduct is said to be subject to God’s judgement.

– Christians are called upon to imitate christ and live according to the Gospel.

The christian community.

– in moving moral choices and decisions christians are also guided by the christian community past and presnt.

– The church leadership has the capacity to interpret in Gods will.

– The guidance of the christian community protects member from irresponsible and wild interpretations of the bible or issues.

Nature law.

– is a theory prescibed at in christian theology and ethics.

– It means the awareness that one to choose good and avoid evil.

– According to this law, the way the world is ordered and runs shows that people should act in confronting to nation law and not contrary to it.

– The concept of natural law assunmes that there are nature rights.

– Nature law is the law God has improhibited in human rights.

– This the law paul says is written in human hearts roman: 2:14-16.

Christian values that enhance creation of a just society.

– A just society is one where there is peace and harmony and people are gorvened by moral value and the role of law.

– Christians values include: love, Honesty, reliability,fairness such i.e respect etc.


– is a term that expresses several meaning which include affection and tender deviation to something and a deep concern for the welfare of others. Love also includes the virtue of money, loyalty and service.

– There are several types of love:

1. Filion – this is affectionate love between children and parents.

2. Eros – its love that is passionate which is expressed by lovers and sexual in nature.

3. Fraternal love-This is the affectionate relationship among brothers and sisters which leads to mutual understanding and helpfulness.

Christian values that enhance creation of a just society.

1. Love.

2. Honesty.

3. Respect.

4. Faithfulness.

5. Fairness.

6. Humility.

7. Persistence.

8. Chastity – it is the state of being pure physically, spiritually and mentally. It is having good sexual morals, Avoiding sex before marriage and remaining faithful in marriage.

Life skills that enhance good making of choices.

– These are abilities that help people develop positive behaviour so as to deal effectively with the demands and challenges everday life.

– The skills help one to know how to line with oneself, others and make effective decisions.

They include:

A: crtical thinking.

– this is the ability to analyse and make value judgement about a situation. Looking and explaining possibilities of doing a task in more than one way.

B: Creative thinking.

– It is coming up with new ways or ideas of dealing with situations.

– It requires imagination and on guilty of thought. Examples one: Artsists, designers e.t.c.

– God has given us gifts to use them and create a very just society.

C: Decision making.

– It is the process of making up one’s mind in order to reach a conclusion.

– Good decision help in creating a just soceity.

D: Self-esteem.

– Is the wauy we feel about ourselves.

– It influences our actions fowards others and towards situations.

– When we feel confident we accomplish more in life.

E: assertiveness.

– It is the way of expressing one’s feelings on desires openly.

– The ability to take the necessary steps to achieve what you want.

– Assertiveness people are aware of rights and demand them when they are notated.

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