Essay on my first days in secondary school.

cant forget the moment I was in class eight knowing that am almost to finish my 8 years of my primary levels to join high school . Well I may not be the best writer when it comes to writing compositions but there are some of my collected compositions of the past that I would like to share it with you. The yellow hearted-headmaster which is below or the last the composition reminds me of my first days in high school I hope you like it.

you are the judge and tell me how it is. Some of them are funny and hilarious and some are kind sound off but you can help me to rectify it. Below are some handful compositions that you also can come up with some insightful ideas yourself. I hope you will enjoy.

composition 1 a Horrific night.

If there is one person i shall live to remember then it is my grandmother. She often would fascinate me with her stories. One day, late in the evening in her company she told us a very interesting story that mad bubble of joy burst within me.” I remember it like yesterday.” she started. My bestfriend had a watch It showed that it was seven o’clock.

since we were from the form the farm, we took the yam’s to my grandmothers place and hurriedly we set the ball rolling on our way home. as the sun was setting, darkness was creeping in as the birds sang their melody voices to the sinking sun.

as soon as it was dark, my bestfriend and I were running as fast as our legs could carry us. Thinking that there was a shortcut, we ran into this road thinking that we could get home fast. As we run farther we realized we just got into the forest and starting to feel like we just got lost.

I was shocked beyond words, I could not see anything that is surrounding us all I could hear is wild animal sounds. We sat down beside a tree and started crying as our tears rolled down our cheeks like a waterfall. Our surroundings got even more scarier as we heard steps and creepy sounds that made made our hearts beating like the west African drum.

as it got closer and closer, we heard some people calling for our names. My bestfriend and I started following those sounds , and as we got closer a bright light was lit on our faces. Alas!, we are saved , that’s how i felt when i saw my uncle approaching to us and led us out of the forest.

As we got home , my uncle explained everything to my bestfriends parents of what happened, as i got home i was glad to be back with my family. Then my grandmother looked at me ” and that why when i send you to the river be back on time. “

Composition 2 A wedding day.

The wind danced in the afternoon as it was getting darker and darker soon it was going to be raining as a symbol of pregnant clouds which released torrential rain that was raining cats and dogs.

I was on my way back home as I ran as fast as my feeble feet could carry me. When i reached home I bolted through the door like an escaping monkey. I was wet as a tongue and went into my room to change my clothes.

After changing my clothes , my mother got into the house looking unusually happy when I asked why she was happy, she told me that we were invited to my uncles wedding.

I was as happy as a king and that night I hardly slept waiting for the next day to arrive. Finally the time that I have been waiting for finally arrived. I woke up at a crack of dawn before the first roaster had notified me.

I spring out of my rickety bed leaving my tattered blanket in a sympathetic heap and header for the bathroom. I took a lukewarm shower that left me as fresh as daisy.

steaming like a hot cup of tea, I went into my room to wear my best5 attire. Looking at myself at the mirror, i was dressed to kill.

I plodded down a spiral flight of stairs and took my breakfast. In a spar of moment i heard beeping of cars outside the compound.

A bolt from blue was that, as my eyes as open as the sky, I saw a fleet of luxury cars that I have never seen. At first I thought it was a dream but it was real.

My mother and I got into a black mercedez-benz and in a thrust of a duck’s tail, we left the place In a break-neck speed that left dust floating in the morning atmosphere.

since the church was a stone throw. We arrived at the church where the choir sang their song that made the morning glorious. The song touched my heart as I took my seat.

Finally the bride walked on the red carpet as her hips swayed left and right as her dress swept the floor. She looked a spick and span from head to toe.

After the pastor exchanged their vows, we took pictures and some of us went to take food. The food we ate was pilau, chapati, beans, ugali, meat, and many more.

I almost ate everything but in anyway it was as sweet as honey, when it was getting late, we let the place in sixes and sevens but that day we were full of pride and joy. We went home talking happily.

composition 3 A trip to remember.

I had never thought that such unfortunate thing would ever happen in my life I would live to remember that day. It was a Friday morning when i woke up very early in the morning before the first roaster had notified me i got out off my bed leaving my tattered blanket in a sympathetic heap header for the bathroom.

I took a lukewarm shower that left me as fresh as a daisy. Steaming like a hot cup of tea, i went into my room to wear my best attire. Looking at myself at the mirror, I was clad to kill.

I plodded down a spiral flight of stairs as the aroma of fried eggs and bacon made my mouth salivating. At the dinning table, since I was wolf hungry, I gabbled my food as fast as I could.

Looking at the time, I was getting late. I bolted out of the gate like an escaping monkey as I ran as fast as a deer to school.

Panting like a buffalo from a marathon race, I was in school only to find my fellow friends ready for the trip. I was as happy as a king and very excited for the trip, in a jiffy, the bus arrived.

We got into the bus and took our seats. I could not wait for what we will do in our trip. Truly our fore fathers said a good day starts in the morning.

When the driver coughed on the engine, we left the place like a bullet shot from a sophisticated riffle as gust of dust rented i n the morning atmosphere.

The music was nuisance to me as I saw trees passing very fast through the window but the unexpected happened.

The driver was driving so fast and without warning a bolt from blue was that, before I could say jack robinson, we collided with another bus. It was as horrid as hell.

Shrapnel’s and broken pieces of glass rented the air as blood was flowing out of my leg like a faulty tap. When i broke the emergency window, I was on the ground as fear gripped me in a vice like grip never gave me opportunity to breath.

I was shocked beyond words as I saw a pool of blood that swept the road. In a blink of an eye, sirens rented the air and I was taken to the hospital and I was taken to the hospital and thanked God that i survived. If only we spoke up, this would have not happened, that day I will never forget.

Yellow-Hearted Headmaster. First days in secondary school

One day, a mad woman came to our school she was a real amazon although she was as dirty as a pig. She took the form of a beast in both appearance and behaviour. She had hair as long as samson’s, Her apparels were turn into so many pieces that she would rather remain nude.

It all began when we were in class just after lunch. The afternoon was very hot and humid and no one in his right mind would stay awake. We were having Geography and our ever punctual teacher, Mr pondo in with his usual air of authority. He delivered a long and boring sermon about the earth and all of us nodded our sleepy heads in response. Little did he know that we were dozing off.

As we continued to bow our heads towards the desks, we heard noises and sounds of running feet all around the classroom. God answered our prayers by giving us a way to escape the stuffed atmosphere of the class Mr Pondo was left with his mouth agape as everyone of us scrambled helter skelter for the door.

On reaching outside, we saw the mad woman. She really looked off her chump and she was chasing everyone around every pupil was showing a clean pair of heels and was searching every nook and cranny for a way of escape.

On hearing the commotion, the headmaster got out of his office as mad as a hatter. He was in hugger mugger for he saw nothing but dust rising in the whole school. It was long before he realized what was going on. Long enough for everyone to run away and leave the headmaster to defend himself in his own way. We just hid amongst the tall grass outside the compound and peeped from time to time.

Surprisingly, the headmaster was yellow at heart. His moustache began to twitch inquisitively and his spectacles almost drooped off. His knees began to shake and there was a thin streak of sweat on his forehead. The mad woman moved closer and closer towards the headmaster as if she was an ancient. The headmaster just stood stock-still rooted to the ground like Vasco-da-Gamma’s pillar in Malindi. He seemed to have been enchanted by the mad woman’s “spell.”

The mad woman then proceeded to circle the headmaster in what seemed to be an acrobatic act. Ina all that the woman did, the headmaster just stood like a zombie, paralyzed and frozen in awe. As quickly as she had appeared, the mad woman disappeared. No one went back to school that day.

The next day. The headmaster was found at rest beside a nearby river. Investigations were but neither answers nor dues were found. The school was closed for good because it was strongly believed that that mad woman had left an evil spirit. What a mysterious ending to a dull afternoon.

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