Composition on roberry.

It had rained terribly in the night and the down pour continued long after dawn. I lay in bed for a longer time than usual the torrents rain made me sleep like a log of wood . Then suddenly the sound of a gunshot pierce through the silence just like a sharp knife cutting through a tomato although I had heavy eyes, I jolted out of bed to know what was happening. Just then, i saw the horror through my eyes. Bushmen from the neighbouring village had attacked us.

Worse still, they were escaping with my younger sister who screamed in horror as they disappeared into the thick forests, carrying her like a marionette. An elderly man came beside me and started crying out his eyes. I asked him what was wrong for I knew he had a bee in the bonnet.

he also told me that a young boy was also taken some years back by the same men that boy was very kind, honest and was a chip of the old block. His head was found three days later in the bushes had eaten by scavengers, was this the end of my young beautiful sister?, was she going to kick the bucket just like that? “no!” i cried out aloud. I had go and rescue her.

The next day, i set off at sunrise to the long and gruelling search for my sister. As I walked, I kept thinking of how sons of guns those bushmen were. I said all the bad things I knew about them but I eventually kept quiet for I knew very well that actions could speak louder than words. I started thinking of ways and means of saving my sister when I got to my enemy’s territory. My thoughts were cut short by the loud and thundering roar of a lion. I looked back. I froze and stood my ground at a mammoth lion leaping with great agility like a monkey coming to tear me into pieces.

I gathered my wits just to escape death by a whisker by moving as fast as lighting to my left. After that, i took my spear and thre it into the lions throat. For I knew very well that time and tide wait for no man , i ran to my sister’s aid while the lion was rolling and rearing in pain.

After waking for about ten minutes I saw the bushmen’s village it was clear as crystal that was the very village because they had kept human skills on their gateposts. I crept stealthy and quietly just like a cat because I didn’t want to be caught that the people had gone hunting because the village was very empty and as quiet as a grave.

As I moved on, I saw my sister being tied to a post by a tall, stout and robust man. I knew that i had to play my cards very well. My sister could not scream because her mouth had been gagged. I tiptoed behind the man and when I was at a close range, I clapped my hands deliberately. As he looked back I gave him a hard kick on the nose. He started nose nose bleeding and eventually fainted. Then took my sister and ran away with her as fast as deers. The journey back home was safe and sound.

When I got home, I was given a heroic welcome and we all feasted until dawn, i had never felt so good in my life. People started singing praise songs about me saying that I was as bold as brass. My sister looked at me and said,” Thank you. You are very daring. I will never forget you and whenever you are in trouble, I will do my best to save you.

Just as I always say, one good deed deserve another. Truly, one good deed deserves another. That saying stuck into my heart for the rest of the days that i live in this awesome.


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