Darassa new songs of 2023.

Darassa new songs of 2023. Darassa has been one of the most talented artists that comes from Tanzania in which he produces music in one of the most vibrant genres to be of existence in East Africa which is Bong flava and also in Hip hop.

Since he has dedicated his life into music, he has been staying relevant since he made his big hit “Muziki” which was one of the most trendiest songs to ever listen to back in 2016. As he continues to wow us with his music, below are songs of Darassa to listen to this year.

1. Nobody ft Bien.

Nobody can love you the way I do. Darassa is not pregnant but he surely delivers. “Nobody” is a song been audio produced by Abbah process. And by the tell of the sound, it a something that you can really vybe well to.

having Bien in this song made this song fire. Bien’s hook in this song was done so well making the song to sound beautiful and authentic. Given that Bien is Kenyan, it has surely made his fans proud when this song came out.

For a song like this, it will be awesome if more songs like this were produced. In been that “Nobody” by Darassa featuring Bien gaining over 2 million views on YouTube this songs makes it number on the list.

2. Mind your Business.

Number 2 on the list is “Mind your business” by Darassa himself. In this song it is evident of what Darassa loves doing best, and that is rapping. The rythm of the song when you listen to it carefully it is so smooth.

The lyrics and together with his voice is so captivating, catchy and also addictive to listen to especially if you listen to the song over and over again. The song is clearly a banger having to produce a good feel song like this of been driven around makes you feel you want to do the same.

For a good feel song to listen to listen to “Mind your Business” by Darassa which will make you vibe well especially when it on weekends.

3. Dead zone

This where you get the knowledge from the artist himself of the experiences he has as an artist. The song been produced by Mr T touchez was pretty well done. The visuals in the video was clear to put across the message.

Been that this song was his first release song this year, is a show that he is back in the game. Stronger, better and hungrier than before. And since of it’s release it has shown that he is going to continue removing more of his songs and their are so much expectations from this.

To listen more of his songs it will be great to listen and support his music that he released earlier. “Muziki” is a great banger that is recommendable.

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