Essay on horrific day.


The rain began to fall little by little. Nobody thought there would be floods but when we woke up early in the morning before the first roaster had notified me. I went in the frogs kingdom to have a lukewarm shower that left me as fresh as cucumber.

I went to my room to wear my best clothes which I looked spick and span from head to toe. I was dressed to kill. When i opened the windows, the clouds were as dark as charcoal. I did not like the weather because it wall more or less dull from the look of the clouds and it was blocking the sun

I plodded down a spiral flight of stairs on my way to the living room. I was wolf hungry that I took my mouth watering meal that was as sweet as honey. After i took my breakfast, I smelt a rat as I heard movements in the front door. In a spar of moment, i heard a big bang and water bolted into the living room like an escaping monkey. Water filled up to the my chest and i found it hard to try to swim cause I was not a good swimmer.

I shouted loud enough for help, loud enough as if to awaken the dead. Since I was the only in the house, my heart sank to its lowest elob. I was gasping for breath as i tried kicking my legs trying to reach at the surface. A bolt from blue was that I was sinking fast. That time fear gripped me like a vice that left me no opportunity to breath.

My heart was beating like the west african drums. I wished the ground to swallow me alive. In a dint of a second. I saw a man approaching towards me. In this sea looking maze i held my breath a little longer, as the man held my hand and took me to the safety surface, When we got off the flood, i was rescued and been placed in red cross boat whereby they gave me a warm blanket to cover myself. I thanked the man for rescuing my life and soon we were on land as we watched the whole street of my estate was fool flooded by water. What a tragedy, i am glad to be alive, but I will never forget.

My sister kidnapped.

That evening, my sister did not return home. I was sent to look for her after she had been missing for an hour and a half. She had been sent to a nearby market to buy a loaf of bread and a packet of milk. As always she was as happy as sandboy to be of service to my mother.

she ran to the market as fast as a deer to the nearby village was twenty minutes walk, to and from. My mother was very impatient and sent me to look for her in the neighbourhood. I looked for her for hours and hours till it got pitch dark. I finally decided to return home. My mother cried till her eyes became as red as a boll of fire.

Laying on my bed, i decide to sneak out and look for my sister in the nearby village because i knew my mother would not allow me. As i tip-toed to the sitting room, the sun was already rising and I had to hurry before my mother woke up. I opened the door slowly and quietly an ran outside. With a smile of relief. I started walking after ten minutes of running. It was only the beginning my long search for my sister.

ON the way. I decide torest under a tree. When i was just about to lay down, I had roar. I looked behind me and oh! I saw a mammoth lion. I just stood there. Stand-still, rooted to the ground like vasco-da-Gamma’s pillar in malindi. I was shacking like a chameleon on a feeble twig and my heart beat fast and furiously when something snaped in my mind. I knew time and tide wailed for no man so I shot my arrow and it hit directly in the lions throat. It rolled and roared in pain but i left it there crying helplessly and continued with my journey.

I finally got to the village. It was a mess. I seemed like there was a raid in that village. I found a man very worried, sited on a stone. I described my sister to him, and he told me, they had carried her like a marionette to a village neighbouring theres to make her a sacrifice to their ancestors. Without hesitation, I ran to the village. I stood at the gate for a minute to look for ways and mean’s of getting my sister. I sneaked inside and found her tide hand to foot to a poll. I untied her and we reached home safe and sound.

I was given a heroic welcome when I got home. My sister thanked me for saving her life. I also felt, very proud of myself for doing a very good dead. This day will remain in my mind for years and years to come.

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