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Great tips to get a c+ in your kcse

Most students, especially candidates in any forms ask themselves how to achieve such potential grade, that can eventually give you the access to higher education in various world class universities and also universities in Kenya.

As much as brains are involved, they are not the only answer. Knowing how to make the most of your innate abilities counts for much more. Sometimes for high IQ students, learning comes too easily for them and they never find how to buckle down.

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Hard work is not the whole story either. It is not how long you sit there with books open. It is what you do while you are sitting. Some of the most high achieving students actually put in fewer hours than their lower scoring classmates. To get there it requires a master of few basic techniques that others can can learn. Here are some of the tips students use to try and succeed in their education.

1. set up priorities.

Study time should be heavily in forced and no intrusion or distraction should be allowed. If it is study time, it is study time. No phones , no tv, no snacks and visitors should be ignored.

2. Get organized.

One of the silly little mistakes students tend to take is searching for their pens, pencils,rubber, which eats up your time. Keeps things just where you could get your hands on. Students who are willing to achieve should always be organised. Thus it cuts down on time wasting searches.

3. Take good short notes.

This is very useful because you can see immediately why the material is relevant, rather than being daunted by great chunks of information.

At your own time, make short notes at that will help you answer question in your revision papers. And also most students tend to close their books and put away papers, to talk with their friends and leave the class. Take few of those minutes to write some summary of the lessons principal points.

4. Schedule your time.

scheduling your time is very helpful. Especially when you also have the timetable. Scheduling your time helps to get things done. When you have assignments make sure you finish at the right time to make room for your study time. if you want good grades, you have to make deadlines.

5. Learn how to “really” read.

Students have that habit of reading fast. If the first sentence is not relevant, you skip to the next paragraph. Therefore speed reading.

The secret to good reading is to be active reader. One who continuously asks questions that lead to a full understanding of the topic or subject to study.

6. Speak up and ask questions.

It is matter of curiosity. Whereby if you ask questions, you will know if you have grasped the point or not. By been sure you understand everything throughout the topic makes preparing for exams easier. Better grades come from better understanding.

7. Study together.

Two or more brains are better than one. The value of working together cannot be underestimated. Most study groups of not more than four is encouraged. In this study groups, student pool and share ideas, create and discuss assingment’s. This is a great option since students work on their own, and spend most of their time reading and re-reading their notes using the some approach time and time again with little success,. never knowing the reason for their under achievement.

8. Test yourself.

Make up possible examination questions for yourself. During revision, you can frame test questions and if you feel it does not have a satisfactory answer go back and review.

9. Do more than you are asked.

If your mathematics teacher set five problems, do ten. If your history teacher assigns eight pages of reading, read twelve. always press for more than you tend to be told to do. The more you practice, the more you learn

In conclusion.

These are some of the tips you can use to improve your grades and also prepare yourself for kcse. If you find these been useful share it with friends, family or even people who you think need these the most.

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