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  1. Define the term citizenship. – is legal right that an individual has belong to a country or nation.
  2. Identify two ways of becoming a Kenyan citizen.
  • By birth
  • By registration.

3. state 5 rights of a citizen of kenya.

  • Right to life.
  • Right to property.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Right and freedom of religion.
  • Right to vote.

4. Name two early visitors to the east African coast apart from the Arabs.

  • Romans.
  • Chinese.

5. Apart from the Akamba name two other communities that participated in the long distance trade.

  • Yao
  • Nyamwezi.

6. State 3 factors that made seyyid said to transfer his capital city from Muscat to zanzibar.

  • It had clean water.
  • It had deep habours.
  • Zanzibar was green and had good climate.

7. Explain 5 impact of the indian ocean trade.

  • Introduce of new crops – they introduced new crop like rice.
  • Growth of towns – eg Malindi, lamu e.g.
  • Brought improvements in Agriculture.
  • It introduced western education.
  • Intermarriage’s occured,

8. Give the main reason why the Arabs came to the east African coast.

  • They came as a result to trade.

9. Give 3 reasons for coming of christian missionaries to the East African coast.

  • They came to spread christianity.
  • They came to stop slave trade.
  • They came to educate the African people.

10. Explain four challenges faced by missionaries to the east African coast.

  • language barrier – it was difficult to communicate.
  • Poor transport network – they had challenges reaching to their destinations.
  • Tropical disease. – They would get sick on the way due to various disease.
  • Insecurity – Since they did not have security some communities could or might hurt them.

11. State two reasons for the success of the Portugal.

  • They had superior weapons.
  • Use of suprise Attack

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