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  1. Give two periods of history.
  • Pre-history.
  • History.

2. State the 2 theories that explains about the origin of agriculture.

  • Independent theory – agriculture is independently for food.
  • Diffusion – this started before middle east.

3. Define the term government. – Government means the way of ruling, administering and controlling people.

4. Give 2 types of government.

  • Democratic.
  • Dictatorial.

5. Name the types of tools which were used during the middle stone age period.

  • side scrapers
  • chisel pricks.

6.sate 3 branches of history.

  • Political
  • Economical
  • social.

7. Define the term Agriculture. – It is the art and science of crop and livestock production.

8. Give the meaning of agrarian revolution. – is a radical changes in method of agriculture and livestock rearing.

9. State 3 the reasons why it is important to study history.

  • it’s a career subject. A student can pursue a career, e.g lawyer.
  • It helps us to appreciate and understand the past way of peoples cultures.
  • It helps us understand how people defend and relate with one another in the society.

10. Give 3 archeological sites in East africa.

  • Koobi fora.
  • Kariandusi.
  • Hador.

11. Give 3 characteristics of homo erectus.

  • They were tall.
  • Had better speech to communicate.
  • Were more fast and agile to hunt animals.

12. Give two species of homo sapiens.

  • Comoginal.

13. Give 3 theories that explains about the origin of man.

  • Oral traditions – individual, communities and people tell stories of where man originated from.
  • The creation theory – is explained in various holy books, the bible and kuran.
  • Evolution theory – is a process of slow or gradual changes.

14. Give 3 types of irrigation that was used in Egypt and mesopotamia.

  • Basin irrigation.
  • Canal irrigation
  • Shadoof irrigation.


15. Give 5 reasons that made early man to begin Agriculture.

  • Inadequate wild food.
  • Climatic changes
  • Population increase.
  • Retained human beings and animals.
  • Natural calamities.

b. Explain the importance of domesticating animals by man.

  • Domesticated animals provided regular supply in the form of meat and milk.
  • Animal skins were used for clothing and beddings among other purposes.
  • The hooves and horns of the animals were used as containers as drinking vessels.
  • Animal bones were used to make a variety of products.
  • Animals like donkeys, horses and oxens were effective when it comes to transport.

16. Describe how agriculture was in europe before the Agrarian revolution.

  • Land bienged to king who gave it to noblemen.
  • Land owners practice open field systems where are divide into three: corn and wheat, bean, peas and oat.
  • Subsistence farming was practiced.
  • Broadcasting method of farming was practice land was not fenced.

b. Explain 5 uses of fire discovered by homo erectus.

  • Use fir for lighting .
  • Use fire at night when is cold.
  • They use it for protection from dangerous wild animals.
  • It was used in making of some tools.
  • It was used for cooking meat.

17. Give factors that led to development of early Agriculture in egypt and mesopotamia.

  • Land reclamation.
  • Availability of labor.
  • Availability of fertile soil.
  • Availability of indigenous crops.
  • Good leadership.

B. Explain the impact of early Agriculture in mesopotamia and Egypt.

  • Division of labor. This people begin to specialise in specific occupation.
  • Urbanization – it brought the growth of urban center’s.
  • Development of law and government – as human population is increasing they wanted regulation that could guide people.
  • It led to growth of population.
  • Social classes – after people increased, a class of people emerged according to measure and degree of wealth.

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