History paper form 3

  1. Name the political party which led ghana to indipendence. – Covention people’s party.
  2. Give three roles played by ex-soldiers in growth of african nationalism after 1945.
  • They trained new recruits to fight for independence.
  • Used weaponry to fight the coloniser’s.
  • Help in protecting there communities.

3. Explain 5 factors that led to the rise of nationalism in Ghana.

  • Unemployment.
  • Higher education.
  • Cutting of the cocoa tress.
  • Discrimination in trade.
  • Exploitation of local resorces.

4. Explain 5 challenges faced by nationalists in south Africa.

  • Loss of life’s.
  • Arrests and detentions.
  • Displacements.
  • Banning of political parties.
  • Press censorship.

5. Identify two ,methods used by nationalist in south Africa to fight for independence.

  • Use of diplomacy.
  • Use of demonstrations.

6. Give reasons why it took too long for Mozambique to achieve independence.

  • lack of adequate funds to support their leaders.
  • majority of the population were white settlers.
  • Detentions and arrest of Mozambique nationalists.

7. Give two reasons for the success of FRELIMO in it’s armed struggle against the Portuguese.

  • They had support from Tanzania during the armed struggle.
  • They used guerilla warfare tactics to attack their enemy.

8. Give reasons for the formation of early political parties in Kenya up to 1939.

  • to campaign for better wages and better working pay.
  • To promote unity by mobilising to demand for their rights.
  • To present grievances of African communities.

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