How to really pass your KCPE or KCSE exams as a student.

How to really pass your KCSE or KCPE exams as a student.

 How to really pass your KCPE or KCSE exams as a student. To all students espceially who are in kenya, we are all personally or individaully as a student we face two of thse giants called KCPE and KCPE examinations which we must do it to get the next level of education.

 I know for sure that after you do KCPE we all get that tremendous great feeling of that we are finally done with all our primary levels and hello to the highschool life that you are getting into.

Its like a graduation, saying congratulations, you are ready for higschool. And for higshoolers  we all want to finish the life of highschool and finally we want that freedom feeling of life of college or university.

Know this goes for somebody no matter what class or grade or form you are in the end you have to do them anyway. I have some tips that can help you the student to face your examinations and even be more comfortable on doing your future upcoming exams.

To all the canditates this is really for you  and i think it can definately help or impact alot when it comes to your examinations. Even thou its third term, and you are starting to get more serious, it does not matter what you did previously.

The little time you have you can use to utilize it to study and even work hard in your studies beacause that little period of time can make a big difference  in your end result of your examination. If you have a note book somewhere you can use these tips to your advantage.

So there atleast 6 tips that i have written that i think it might help you to atleast pass or even improve in your exams or even your academic life. So what are this Tips.

6 tips that can help you passed your KCSE or KCPE examination.

– Don’t slack or even be lazy.

– Be brave.

– Always have a why.

– Have a positive mindset.

– Have confidence and believe in yourself.

– Trust in God.

1.    Don’t slack or even be lazy.

– you have to put work and time in your studies especially revision. The word revision is easy to say but hard to do. Don’t slack in your academics no matter what grade you are in or form you are in.

 Do not be lazy, Do not give up be consistent and work on        yourself and also be academic wise and behaviuour wise. It wont be awesome to get into alot of trouble with your teachers.

2.    Be brave.

As a student, there those students who fear to consult their teachers of their problems or questions for certain kind of varoius reasons.

This is time for you to be brave, go to that staffroom, ask those questions in order to help you on how to answer those questions and even to help you in your study.

 Don’t mind the the gossip of teachers, or the fear of seeing the teacher focus on the main thing , the core goal is you to pass in your exam.

3.     Always have a why?

Yes a why, why do you have to wake up 4 o’clock in the morning to study, why should i even, does it matter?, yes it matters and don’t take things for granted.

You should have a good reason as to why you are doing. Are you doing this for you to have a better life ?, Who do you want to become in future?, what dream do you want to get into?.

There are certsin professions and careers that if you pursue needs a very good grade for you study that particular profession or career you want to learn in university. And a good or awesome grade you produce in higschool can save you alot of time in university level.

4.    Have positive mindset .

There are people who will tell you that some types or kind of subjetcts or topics are very hard and those type of word can really mess up with your thinking and beliefs on that certain subject or belief.

Its not hard, really, if you believe that something is hard you are going to spend the rest of your time life thinking that it hard and yet to some is very easy and simple to learn or solve that problem.

Don’t listen to people what they are saying. It may be hard for them but not for you. Remember that. Have a positive attitude towards the subjects you are doing and you will  see a great change in your academic life. Kill the negativity.

5.    Have confidence and believe in yourself .

whenever you are doing an exam , a CAT, a RAT to do, have confidence and believe in yourself. Get into that exam room as if you are the one who set it up by yourself. Let go of fear and face that exam like its nothing.

6.    Trust in God.

This one is of my best advice and i think it should have been the first. Trust in God. The creator, the giver of life, the one who lknows your tommorrow. I don’t mean you put your trust in God and yet you are not putting any effort in your work. It will not work that way. If you put in the work plus putting your trust in God then expect the best.

–         Maybe you are not christian and you are of different religion, tput your trust in your creator. I mean who knows tommorrow what might happen, the god that you believ in can help you pass in your examination.

     –  Help us know what you think about this tips. Are they heplful? What do you want to add in one of these tips, please tell us on the comment section below and if you have a friend and you think these tips are awesome please share it.