Kinanie:How i moved from nairobi city to the uknown place during the covid 19 period.

                          “Theres is always a sadness about packing. I guess you wonder if where you`re going is as good as where you`ve been.”

                                                – Richard Proenneke.

Kenanie, cant say much about it but its a nice beautifull place and a very cconducive environment  to live in. Since we moved out of nairobi everthing changed.Nairobi where i was it had everthing you could ever asked for.Doing shoppping was never an issue since shops are everywhere and they are not hard to find.


I had friends, alot of friends who i could see alomost each and everday to talk to or even hang around with them.since the covid 19 came, schools were closed which made us all to stay at home.Meeting up with my friends, it was a must to through the guidelines.Wear a mask,social distancing,sanitize your hands, such guidelines.

It went on like this till the month of august my dad talked about moving.i  got used to moving until i asked where we are moving.Thats the time , the first time i had the name kinanie in mylife. I was told its in machakos and soon will even  go there to see how it looks like.At first pronouncing that name  it was a challenge. But now i  have got used to it since i live here anyway.

On the third week of August,my dad and i took off, to see where kenanie is.we used mombasa road on our wat to athi river. We passed through  syokimau then mlolongo.then we got to athiriver where Devki was and took left before the delta petrol station was.We used the dusty mutungoni road.

This road is way too dusty and rough,and the road was busy fool of cars epecially you`ll not be lucky leaving your windows open and a big lorry or trailer busy passes by full of dust and the whole dust gets in the car. You may not like it and You will cough.

If you use google maps from delta fuel station to kinanie shopping centre it takes 22 mins by vehicle and its only (6.7km).On our way there we passed to a place known as SAMORA where by the look of it houses have already been built and theres a nice shop there you can buy something when you are on your way to kenanie.

By the look of it, the mode of transportation here is by use of bodaboda.There are no matatus here and by use of uber or taxi can be pretty expensive.Getting to kenanie shopping centre was approximately 30 mins drive.When we got there, we saw how the town looks like, its a small town which is busy but there very few people compared to nairobi.

Theres stage of bodabodas before you get into the shopping centre, there are wholesale shops, Mpesa shops around,hardware shops,groceries shops, anything you need is there,but anything yo want, you may not get it that easy but anyway its a small town.

On our way back to see where our new house was, there was a small area to be known as komarock not far from where the kinanie shopping centre is.Theres more i will discover there,it will be a story of another day.We got to where the new house was, and it looked ready.The house was ready, it was painted, the rooms were ready, the windows was set and it was a matter of days to move in.

On the 5th of september 2020 was D-day for us.i had to brake it to my friends that we are moving out.Whenever they asked me where we are moving to, i will just answer athi river cause it was easier to pronounce than kenanie, by which i know they havent heard such a word before.A big white lorry was brought, took all our belongings, bye bye to my all friends and we were off to kinanie again.

This time it hit me cause the place i was going,there is much i will find.There are no friends of my age to hang around with.Even if i tried landscaping it would be boring to do it all myself.On our waty to kinanie surprisingly it started raining.As soon as we got to mutungoni road it was somehow muddy but atleast there was no dust like last time.

After some couple of 30 minutes on a muddy road we finally arrived at  the now house. We took off our belongings, placed them all in the house,the lorry took off , now we are on our own.but i have stayed here for like 3 weeks and it all good.About shopping is almost tricky cause sometimes we go to athiriver and sometimes to kenanie shopping centre.

I enjoy the clean air here.its not congested.especially the birds, i love seeing the birds.They all loook beautifull and have different types of colours and i dont know what type of birds they are.since not so many houses or any big buildings here, you might as well enjoy the beautiful evening sunset.


But still i miss nairobi,where all my friends are. Sometimes i communicate to them through whatsapp and instagram.The only mobile network that seems to be working here is safaricom, Telkom is a challenge- i have to walk around the house to get some network and Airtel seems to be not working well here.

In a nice new well environment in such a place kinanie,this is where i live, my new home. I guess theres so much more to explore and learn from this place. This my little view on kenanie.New home, new place, new life.

You will excuse me for my english structure, its my first time to write things like this and i hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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