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Kenya itself is a beautiful country that I as a citizen and born would say that I love this country. As much it is been known by safari trips by foreigners mostly, their things that happen inside the country may it be the day to day living of citizens or politics or whatever it maybe.

Their things said online and also said online at least by some of the most influential people we know. if you are a Kenyan you will be familiar with some of the names here below. Some of them are memorable and at least could remind us the time of the events we all were as a country.

some of the quotes below come to some of the most influential people in our country. It depends on the timing. Some are in government and some have their good time serving in government positions. Anyway lets get to some of the short quoted words been said by the following people below. This is just the selective few.

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Tunahitaji muda wa kujenga inchi na kujenga uchumi…

President William Ruto.

It is a clear statement meaning that his excellency president William Ruto needs humble time to build the countries developments and also the economy. The pressure is high at the moment of his early days of him becoming president. As theirs so much demand as he becomes president, its time that in order things to work out and to see real actions, it still needs more time and patience to see real progress from the new leader in power.

No pain, No palm, No thorns, No throne, No gall, No glory; no cross, no crown.

Governor Sakaja Johnson.

The state craft can never be louder than the voice of the people and we have the rule of law.

Governor Sakaja Johnson.

This quote is famously quoted by william penn. And Governor Sakaja johnson used this quote at a time where he narrated how things were before when he took a serious decision to run as Governor of Nairobi. The media surrounded him on issues of his education requirements and all kind of tactics used to slow his success of becoming governor. But in the end him being the most likeable candidate for Nairobi governor, the people of Nairobi chose to be where he is today. So if you think of becoming governor, Sakaja might as well be your role model.

Am really enjoying the freedom. Am really enjoying the peace.

Joe Mucheru

In cabinet you are holding the world. In all the pressures.

Joe mucheru.

This quoted By Joe Mucheru having to retire from government. By the look of things he seems to enjoying life. He doesn’t have to worry much on things that normally happened to him on daily basis of his work schedule. Him having to serve well in Government at least his enjoying his fruits of his hard work.

Am a resident of Nairobi, am a voter of Nairobi but please respect the great people of Nairobi.

Mike Mbuvi sonko.

Been the former impeached governor of Nairobi, Mike mbuvi sonko was giving a statement to the current Nairobi Governor of Nairobi, of having to tell him that he has to respect the business people of Nairobi.

The campaign was absolutely successful. The election day is not a question for me.

Winnie odinga.

Raila odinga been Raila odinga he never gives up.

Winnie odinga.

Winnie Odinga is one of the most outstanding people in the country. having to come from one of the most influential family in politics, the Odinga’s family. Her been the daughter of Raila odinga and having to come out in front of the camera and represent his father, her well spoken voice and intelligence shows how proud his father could be.

I started working at a very early age and my first transaction that changed my life I was roughly about 20 years old and i remember i had a clearing and forwarding job and I made a cheque of 6.6 million.

Hassan Joho.

Oh yes I want to be happy. sometimes i want to be away from this shenanigans this kind of situations that we all see brought forward in our political process.

Hassan Joho.

Make time to live your life enjoyable after work hustle.

Hassan Joho.

Hassan joho is clear sign of a success story of how he came from struggling to the point where he is today. Him having to reach to the point he is today motivates much of the youth and young people to encourage themselves to work hard to get to the point they want to be. Him been a former Governor of Mombasa, and having to take that seat at the time looks as one of his biggest achievements at the time. If you are a dreamer, guess Hassan Joho you could look up to him as a role model.

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